how to enter into the land of the living

It's easy to set goals to "live life to the fullest" but how does that look day to day, exactly? We can't escape into the wilderness from our work. Schedules are necessary. Planning and preparation are key to progressing in what we've set out to do for the day. Since birth, humans have thrived on rhythm and routine. We are people who work - we work at our jobs or at school, we manage our homes and nurture our children, we work out our bodies and we work at making our relationships count.  As I've become aware of the necessity and beauty of work, I'm starting to understand that living life to the fullest is about carving space into our schedules so our day is not quite so full. We need space to breathe, space to notice, space to listen to our bodies, our hearts, and our people. These moments might only be for five minutes but they are five minutes that we can't afford ourselves to miss. 

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3 ways to focus and flourish this year

Goal setting is motivation to achieve great things this year, but it is important to set goals that help us receive true victory, give us margin for rest, and focus on others, not just ourselves. When we focus on these three things, we will truly flourish this year. Read more about how to set goals that will give you an undivided heart this year and receive a free goal-planning worksheet in today's post. 



how to escape the busyness of Christmas

Does anyone else feel like they are running the 500 yard dash to Christmas? 

From decorating the Christmas tree, addressing Christmas cards, buying and wrapping presents, making Christmas sweets, to attending festive Christmas parties, we jam in so much activity in such a short amount of time. We over eat, over extend, and over buy ourselves into a month-long race, only to end up at the finish line exhausted and wondering why we over-complicated a season that is meant to be rejoiced and savored.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a race.

I was remembering this last night as I was tucking my girls into bed. We’d just finished reading our Elf on the Shelf book and they asked me to sing them their songs. Snuggled up close, I was tired from a long weekend of Christmas festivities but it was in this moment that I realized the true joy of Christmas – it is a reason to celebrate with the ones we love. 

While celebrations so often consume us with rushing and running ourselves ragged, Christmas is a celebration that is meant to happen over time. Daily, we celebrate the advent and discover the timeless story with fresh eyes and ears. We teach these things to our children – through parties, trimming the tree, and baking – but also in a quiet room at dark, with only the words “Away in a Manger” filling the air. 

To escape the busyness of Christmas, we must run the race one day at a time. If we don’t, we miss the beauty of celebrating the birth of Christ. Don’t try to cram all of your Christmas activities into one weekend. Spread it out and keep it simple. Know your limitations and keep time to rest in your schedule. Let the little moments add up to a big, month-long celebration. 

Don’t let the busyness of Christmas keep your heart from remembering the beauty of Christmas.

If you don’t have babies in your house, I encourage you to find a baby to hold during the month of December. Notice the smoothness of his skin, the fuzz of his hair, and the way he feels in your arms. Remember that this was how God humbled himself, to come into this world as one of us, but perfect and flawless and pure. Breathe in His soft, newborn scent and focus on the life that he lived here on this earth with us. Let his ministry guide your month of celebrating. 

This Christmas, I’m accepting that I’m human and flawed. I need rest, and I get worked up over the most trivial things. But, I’m not going to allow the rush of Christmas to overwhelm me this year. Instead, I’m running at my own pace. I want my children to remember a mom that celebrated Christmas.

Take a moment to just focus on what today brings. Hold your day open-handed to God and admit that you are nothing without him. Confess what is making you anxious and what is stealing your Christmas joy. Read and write out scripture so you remember it throughout the day. After doing all of this, think on the things worth celebrating today. 

Christmas is a celebration, not a marathon to be won. How will you choose to escape the busyness of today so you can truly celebrate?