Tonight we are going to take a trip down memory lane. Earlier this evening we attended our church youth "Wig Out" party and we had such a good time playing dress up. Raleigh and I love any excuse to put on a costume and it has been way too long! Here are some blasts from the past. Hope you enjoy!

This was the first time we dressed up. We had just started dating my senior year of high school and I was president of a social organization and it was our annual Halloween party. As you can see, Raleigh was an old man and I was his nurse! He really made me push him in that wheelchair most of the night! It was a great event to go to while we had just officially started "going out".

These pictures were taken in college at one of Raleigh's architecture parties. This was was an 80's prom theme and was the first time I actually hung out with all of his new friends that he spent many a nights around! They are such a fun group and they don't play around when it comes to costume parties. I remember dancin it up to Jesse's Girl and 867-5309!

For one of my sorority parties, we dressed up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. We actually made Raleigh's costume all the way down to the feather in the hat. I had so much "fairy dust" on me that night that I couldn't get it off with my eye makeup remover! I walked around for the next day or two with left-over glitter in my hair and eyes :) There were other Peter Pan's that night, but I had the best dancing Peter Pan of the bunch!

These were the pictures from tonight's party. Raleigh was a Harlem Globe Trotter and I was his cheerleader. It was so of the girls asked Raleigh what team he played for. He said "East," and she was like, "Oh, from High School Musical?" I joined in the conversation and said, "No, like East Wal-Mart!" I'll have to admit...I was the oldest cheerleader there and the other girls actually had their real cheerleader uniforms on. I was rockin my Carver Middle School uniform and my Northview cheerleading shoes! I was just proud to have the zipper zip!!!!

Friends, I believe that it is okay to be silly and have fun with your friends. It was so nice to not think about any of the daily pressures of life for two hours tonight and just joke around and act like a Valley Girl cheerleader. Take time to laugh at yourself sometime soon!

Please feel free to share any of your dress up pictures or fun memories :)

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen