So for everyone that feels like they missed an episode, don't worry we do too! Now that I can think straight let me take a moment to go into a little more detail of what exactly happened on April 30th.

It all started Thursday night around 9pm. Christen began having cramps that hurt but didn't seem worse than a period cramp. The doctor had said at the last visit that the cramps would become stronger and more frequent, so again, it didn't really concern us at the moment They persisted through the night though, so we immediately called the doctor Friday morning. He said to time the cramps, and if she had more than four an hour to come in for a checkup. Well, she had about seven so we immediately went into OB Triage. Literally as soon as Christen got on the table, the nurse said, "You're fully dilated, we're going to deliver these babies now!"

Yeah, at 27 weeks, that will hit you like a train. Within the next hour Christen was under the knife and two tiniest babies I have ever seen entered this world.

Adeline came at 9:40 at 2 lbs and 13 3/4 inches. Maralee followed at 9:42 weighing 2 lbs 1 oz and 14 inches long.

Neither of the girls cried when they were born. It's a silence that I have never experienced before - to go through it twice is not an easy thing. Their lungs are not developed yet so it's impossible for them to cry at the moment. I did get to see the girls delivered but Christen never saw them because the were immediately put into the incubators and rushed to the NICU.

The hours that surrounded this moment involved the truest and most desperate prayers our still new family has ever been part of. The NICU doctor came out and informed us that things were not good, but they could be worse. Up until this moment I had done a great job of being a 'man' but when he said this, I would be lying if I didn't say that my knees buckled a little and felt a great need to sit down. But of course I held strong for Christen's sake.

The day ended on a positive note as I got to wheel Christen into the NICU to see our girls for the first time. We aren't going to be able to touch them for a few days, but we will take anything we can get at the moment.

We love you all as you continue to give us the thing we need most. Prayer.

- Raleigh