Yesterday was quite a whirlwind of a day. Christen unexpectedly delivered the babies yesterday morning. Yes, this was quite a shock to us too! Christen seems to be doing really well this morning and the babies are okay considering they are 28 weeks today. We will fill everyone in with all the details later but I did want to update everyone in case you hadn't heard yet. We have a long road ahead of us and it will take lots of prayer! The girls are both about two pounds and fourteen inches long. They are hooked up to a ventilator because they're lungs haven't fully developed yet. The doctor says the first big milestone is to get them breathing on their own. So you can specifically pray for that. Thank you all, it is so amazing to see all of Christ followers support in a time like this. It's very difficult to get good photos of the girls in the incubators, but here is the best i could do on my phone.

As Christen would say...

Til next time, let your light shine!

- Raleigh