Happy Friday everyone!

Today I went to the hospital for the eight o'clock feed because Miss Adeline had drunk all of the milk I had given them in storage.  She is up to 26 cc's which is about half of a bottle.  This morning, I got to help her try to drink the milk through her bottle instead of her feeding tube.  In the NICU, they like for the girls to "suck, swallow, and breathe" while they feed and she is starting to show progress.  She looked at me like, "What is this thing in my mouth and why is this so hard?"  but she did manage to get a couple of cc's to go down.  Maralee is still on Pedialyte but now she is getting it at least every three hours so she isn't so hungry.  It warms my heart to see the girls making progress.  Tomorrow, they would have been 35 weeks in my belly so it gives me hope that we will really start to see some improvements in their weight gain these next couple of weeks.  Thank you for your continued prayers for our little girls; it has been awesome for us to see the results!

Below are some pictures of our families holding the girls.  We have been so blessed to have such caring siblings and parents.  They have been so supportive and we are forever grateful for how much they love these new additions!  We love all of you so much!!!!!!!!

“The way children behave is a reflection of their respect for their parents”

Ganny holding Adeline for the first time...she was beyond excited!

Mom and Maralee
Maralee thought Ganny was really funny because she smiled the whole time

Jimbo was the first one to hold both of the girls at the same time
He looks like a proud grandpa to me :)

Uncle Courts is new to this whole baby holding thing but he did a GREAT job!
Adi and Mar are going to have fun with you :)

Gabby holding sweet Adeline

Granddad Price getting to hold his granddaughter Adeline
Miss Maralee in her new clothes
The Price's are a "boy" family so Papa John is going to have to get used to all this pink!
(I don't think he minds!!!!)

Aunt KB and Uncle Gunter with Adeline

Watch out Maralee...Uncle Gunter said he is going to discipline you if you misbehave!
(I think he is all talk...one look at those blue eyes and he will be suckered!!!!)
Till next time, let your light shine!
Blessings, christen

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