Hey everybody, I thought I would do quick post from my phone to keep everyone updated. Christen and I are currently pulling twelve hour days at the hospital because the doctors have decided to get the girls off of the feeding tubes. So that means Christen is nursing them full time during the twelve hours of the day and the nurses bottle feed them the twelve hours of the night. We don't want to get too excited but the doctor told us this morning that we could be rooming in as early as Monday night but likely Tuesday night which would put the Girls coming home on Christens birthday. I swear, God is so amazing. Again, this all depends on a lot of things but the girls are fighting hard as always. Adeline is up to 4 lbs 11 oz and Maralee is now 4 lbs 6 oz. They are starting to look the same again. I actually mixed up the two for the first time last night because Maralee's "patchy" side was face down and she had been laid in Adeline's crib for a moment to change her diaper. We're going to need to paint some toenails at home or something. Let us know all your ideas.

She looks like she is on a lazy river ride.

The Lord's timing, as always, is perfect. Only days after finding out I passed my last Architectural Registration Exam, we are finding out now that they may come home on Christen's Birthday, only three days before there original due date of July 24. We stress over individual moments in life and often forget God is constantly watching over the big picture.

Now, before I let you go, we need to talk about the poll. You may have noticed but it seems to be a little bit of a landslide in my favor. All the family members kept saying they looked like me but I didn't really believe it until they pulled out my baby picture and sure enough - they did. Now, I get to study every detail of them each day and I assure you that they have plenty of Christen in them. Their eye color, ears, and chin look just like Christen I believe. But it is hard to deny the resemblance of my baby picture. Now, the whole reason the internet was created was for self humiliation. I know you are asking yourself, "I wonder what Raleigh would look like as a girl?" So, in the spirit of ridicule, I'll answer that question for you....

Take it easy on me, we raised a lot of money for our High School athletics with a Womanless Beauty Pageant! It would just be wrong to leave you with that image though, so instead, I give you sweet Maralee sleeping.

Thank you all for your support and prayers as we are hopefully getting closer to bringing those sweet little girls home!