I asked for these shoes for my birthday and I have loved them so far. Personally, I like the look of these shoes compared to the Sketchers but I hear that the Sketchers work just as well when it comes to toning your backside.  I am still breaking them in but I really do feel like they are working the back of my legs and my bootie.  Pushing the girls in their stroller has been something I have looked forward to doing and now I get an even better work out with these shoes.  Raleigh bought these in a half size smaller than what I normally wear but they actually seem to fit better than my normal size. 
2. Mark Anthony Strictly Curls
If you have curly hair like me, I would recommend you trying this product!  I am constantly looking for a styling cream that keeps my curls soft instead of crunchy.  After I scrunch my hair with a towel, I allow my hair to air dry for about 10-15 minutes.  Once it has dried a bit, I apply about a nickel size amount of product into my hands and then I scrunch it into my hair.  Strictly Curls helps my hair to not frizz and to keep its shape throughout the day!  This item can be purchased at Ulta for under $10!
3. DC Cupcakes
Okay, I officially love this show!  It is about two sisters, Sophie and Katherine, that ditched their corporate jobs to follow their dreams.  Two years ago, they opened Georgetown Cupcakes and since then business has been booming.  I love, love, love, the look of their cupcakes; particularly their signature swirl :)  They look so yummy and I would die to know how they get their frosting to be so puffy instead of looking like Duncan Hines (not hating on Duncan Hines but there is a difference in the way it looks!).  The show is interesting for me to watch because I love 
baking and it is fun for me to see all of their different flavors.  
Check out the show on TLC!

4. Craftsman Style Homes
One day my dream house is a craftsman style home.  I want a big front porch that looks comfortable and inviting.  On Sunday, Raleigh showed me a new development in Auburn that has these style homes.  We are suckers for older homes but the ones that we looked at had the character of an older home but it also had newer features such as drywall, open living spaces, and lots of closet space!  A girl can dream, right?  Especially a girl that has an architect for her husband?  Maybe one day.... :)

5. OPI Bubble Bath Nail Polish

What girl doesn't love to be pampered every now and again?  My toes have been in desperate need for a pedicure and I love this color!  It is very soft and sophisticated.  One of my favorite things that I love about this color is that it goes with any outfit and it still looks natural.  Also, I had a hunch but while searching for a picture of this polish, I ran across an article that says that Giada on the Food Network also wears this color on her show.  So, since she is my favorite Food Network Star this is officially my favorite nail polish color!

6. Cherry Limeade
Oh my goodness, I could enjoy this drink right this minute!  Nothing is better on a hot summer day than a Sonic Cherry Limeade.  One can beat the heat with this very yummy drink and the perfect time to purchase is during Happy Hour (2:00-4:00) because they are half off!  That means I can get a medium instead of a small!!!!  This drink is perfection in a cup.  

7. Green Room Notebooks
One day while I was at Target, I ran across a set of these notebooks.  Mine came in a pack of three and I use them all the time.  They weren't that expensive and they are good for the environment.  A must pick for your back to school list!!!!
8. Moses Basket
While the girls were still in the NICU, I realized that I would need some type of basket to carry them up and down the stairs in our house. Moses baskets are portable, woven baskets that have handles attached for carrying babies from room to room.  I had my eye on one of these baskets at our local childrens' store but it was rather expensive.  Since that basket was a little out of my price range, I headed to the Internet and found a much more reasonably priced basket at Overstock.com I have just ordered this basket so I haven't gotten to use it yet, but all of the user ratings seemed to give it a thumbs up.  The two things that sold me on this basket were the attached hood and the gingham pattern because that matches our nursery.  Once the girls outgrow this basket, I can use it to store toys or transport dirty clothes.  I think it is so pretty and reminds me of the olden days.

9. Mixed C.D's

Who said we still can't have mixed c.d.'s in this age of I-pods? Raleigh is so making fun of me right now!!! My sister-in-law made me two mixed c.d.'s recently that I have really enjoyed listening to.  One was country and the other was christian.  My favorite songs off of these c.d.'s are American Honey by Lady Antebellum and Shine Your Light by Nicole Nordeman.  One thing that I loved about these mixes was KB labeled each song's title and artist.  So, when we plugged it into our I-tunes, we didn't have to look up all of these songs in order to label them correctly in our music library.  Giving a friend a mixed c.d. is an easy way to show some thoughtfulness!

10. Applique
Recently, I was given a fancy sewing machine and I am trying to learn how to use it!  One feature that I want to learn how to do is applique.  In regards to sewing, applique is a type of needlework where pieces of fabric, embroidery, or other materials are sewed onto another surface.  Applique is so cute for any age but is especially adorable for children.  I am hoping to take some of my plain white onesies and burp cloths and snazzing them up a bit with some cute applique designs.  A family friend told me about this great website called Planet Applique where you can download different images and fonts onto your computer.  Of course, you have to have a transfer system that can connect the image to your machine but if you have that capability there are so many cute ways to make ordinary clothes look special.  I am hoping to get good enough at doing this so I  can make little outfits for the girls and for baby shower gifts. 

Hope you enjoyed this month's Chris10's!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen