So, Raleigh and I have been doing some car shopping.  Before we had the girls, we thought we would have enough room for our new additions in the two cars we currently own.  Well, after a couple of trips to Dothan, we have soon realized that we are crammed pretty tight in our "big" car.  I try my hardest to pack light, but between two adults, two babies, and two dogs we are becoming a very close family on our car rides home!   When we travel on Raleigh's truck, I have to adjust my seat to the upright position so the car seat can lock into place.  Another thing that we have come to realize is the double stroller barely fits in my car.  Now that we have permission to go around town, I am going to have to have the stroller when I am by myself.  Our cars are great, but they just don't have enough space.

Currently, I drive a Volvo S-40.

I LOVE my car.  It is cute, it drives great, and I feel safe.  To me, the type of car a person drives speaks of their personality.  I love my car so much because I feel like it is me in a car version :)  But, now that I am a mother of two, does it still fit my personality?  While I adore scooting around town in my bubbly little car, I have to realize that my life does not just revolve around my needs anymore.  Now, I need to cart around strollers, car seats, and diaper bags when I go places (and those are just the necessities).  As the girls get older, they are going to need more space for their legs and luggage.  Also, what if we have more kids?  I certainly can't fit three in the car that I drive right now.  Hence, the search for a new car.  Here is what we have been looking at so far:

Option 1: You got it, the Station Wagon. Still in the Volvo family, it has more room in the back seat and the trunk.  While this is still a car (big plus for me) we aren't sure if it has enough space for us when we travel with the dogs and long vacations.

Option 2:  An SUV that has a third row seat.  Right now, the Toyota Sequoia is my favorite SUV.  I really liked the way it drove and I felt like it had a lot of storage once the third row was taken out.  The downside of this car to us is the trunk space with the third row in place.  It is tiny and there is no way we could travel with our dogs.  Also, we really want bucket seats and those are much harder to come by in this car.  Some of the Sequoia's that we have found have bucket seats with a center console that can be taken out so that is the option that we would prefer to purchase.  This car seems great for a family of four but what if we want to have more kids?  Do we purchase this type of car now and then re-access our needs if we have a larger family?  Decisions, decisions!

Option 3:  I can't believe I am considering this but option three is a VAN.  When did I become so old?!?  Is it so uncool to be under thirty and driving a van?????  We all know the stereotype of a van driver is "soccer mom."  When I was younger and envisioning myself as a mom, I totally saw me being just that; a soccer mom.  I want to drive the girls to their sport games (and I would indeed love for them to play soccer!), school, and other extracurricular activities.  But, now that I am a mom, I feel like the van is totally ripping away at my youth.  I mean, a van?  REALLY?????  As crazy as this sounds though; a van really has everything that I want in our new car.  It has bucket seats, a third row, really nice trunk space, and it has all of these cool kid gadgets like DVD players and tucked away storage.  The van that I really like is the Volkswagen Routan but it is still a really new van on the market. Does anyone out there drive a Routan?  Is it dependable or require a lot of maintenance?

Our other option is the Toyota Sienna.

I mean, a van really does make sense for a family.  But, a van?????

Friends, we need some advice!  If you have a family, what type of car do you drive?  What are your likes/dislikes?  For my friends without babies, would you totally make fun of me for driving a van????? :)  Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen