Happy Fall Y'all!

Christen, Raleigh, Adeline & Maralee
October 2010
5 months

Boy, am I LOVING this weather!!!!  We have been outside so much this past week enjoying the great outdoors.  The other day I was talking to my mom about us not having been on a vacation this year and she reminded me how much fun we have just being outside.  It is so true.  Raleigh and I love going on walks and playing outside with our family.  The outdoors is God's gift for us to enjoy and it is FREE FUN which is great for us!  Lately, we have been feeling guilty about not giving the puppies as much attention as they used to get.  Before the girls arrived, they were really like our children.  Obi and Lu Lu have adjusted great to our babies but they still need to get their exercise and affection so they don't wreck the house.  Both of their birthdays are in the month of October so we decided to take them to a local park (it is more like a field) to let them run around on Saturday.  I think they enjoyed it because they were pooped the rest of the afternoon!

Raleigh loves his little girls so much.  While we are at the park, he was cutting up with them the entire time.

He loves to fly them around like Super Man (or woman in their case?!) 
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Miss ADELINE!!!!!
And teach them to walk (not yet, ha ha).......
Mar-Bear loves to stomp her feet!
And let Obi give them piggy back rides....

Daddy sure does love his little girls!

Raleigh with Adeline & Maralee

The weekends are such a great time for Raleigh to spend with the girls.  I have really been praying for my husband lately.  He just does so much for our family.  He is the head of the household and has chosen to support us financially so I can stay home with the girls.  It is so hard for him to get up and ready in the mornings when the girls are sleeping so peacefully.  Of course, he loves his job but being a new father is such a special time for him right now.  He is so good with the girls.  We are just getting up once now through the night (thank you, Jesus!!!) but it helps me so much to have him feed one girl while I feed the other for those late-nighters.  I know being sleep deprived can be really tough when you work outside the home all day so I am just praying for him to have his usual energy and stamina as he digs into his work weeks.

Last week was a pretty good week.  Both girls have discovered their hands but Adeline has been sucking on her fingers like crazy!  It is good for self-soothing but I'm afraid I have two thumb suckers  :)  I think they are getting close to needing a teething ring, which I think we are receiving this month at the pediatrician.  Speaking of our doctor, we went on Friday for a weight check and the girls are both 8.3 pounds!!!!!  I can really tell that they are growing.  It is getting harder to pick them up one-handed and carry them at the same time.  Also, the time in between feeds is getting a tad longer and they are both drinking around 5 ounces each time.  Sometimes I remember how long it would take us to just finish one ounce and it makes me so proud of my girls.  We haven't seen our NICU family since we roomed-in so last week we visited the day and night shift nurses.  It was SO GOOD to see everyone!  They all commented on how big the girls had gotten and Miss Kirby and Pamela got to love on the girls for over an hour!!!  They joked that they could babysit them in an isolate if we wanted.  Hmmm..........

Last week I also visited some local Mother's Morning Out programs. I just want them to go one day a week for development and socialization.  They won't start until the next school year, but the lists begin in January.  It is so crazy to me how we have to sign-up so early and we only get in if spots are available.  I found three programs that I really like so I hope they can get in at least one of them. 

All in all, we are loving us some fall!  My posts might be a little more sporadic this month because I am working away at their Christening gowns.  I am trying to finish them by the end of October so I might be dipping into my blogging time to get them finished.  Pictures will come, promise!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen