This month we are proud to feature Dolka Pots as our business that is doing good in this world.  Dolka Pots is a fast growing business that is helping families bring home their adopted children.  Dolka Pots is helping our friends, The Godwins, bring home Zoe Grace by selling their t-shirt to go towards their adoption fund.  Read this article and find out how YOU can win a free Godwin t-shirt!
Tell us about your business and why you have chosen adoption causes as your charity project.

We are three moms who make and sell our handmade children’s clothing and baby gifts as a way to help families offset their adoption costs.  Our business was inspired by a special little boy named Caleb, who is the adopted son of one of our partners.  We began our company as a way to raise the funds needed to bring him home and we had so much fun in the process that we decided to keep going and help other families bring home children through adoption!  We really want to see the number of orphans in this world go down and are honored to get to be a part of bringing children home to their forever families.
 Why do you feel adoption is important?
There are 147 million orphans in the world.  That number is so huge and so very sad!  If we all work together to either bring a child into our family or help other families afford the cost to adopt their children, this number can get smaller.  All three of us are mothers and the thought of a child going to bed at night without a mother or a father to kiss them goodnight and tell them that they are loved is heartbreaking to us.  Adoption is a beautiful picture of the way God invites us into His family—we do nothing to deserve His love yet He adores us and lets us be His children because of Jesus’ death on the cross for us.  We are called to care for orphans and one very important way to do this is through adoption.

Do you make the clothes sold on your website?  How did you get started and why did you decide to focus on selling on the Internet?

Yes, we make everything sold on our website.  One of our partners was in the process of adopting her son, Caleb, and began sewing and selling her wares as a way to offset the adoption fees.  To help raise the remainder of the costs for this adoption, the three of us got together and made lots of children’s clothing and sold it at a craft show.  Once Caleb came home, we realized that this was something that we could do for other families. Our hope is that we can help families pursue adoption and not let money stand in the way of bringing a child home to their family.  There are so many children in this world who need families, and we want to help any way we can.  James 1:27 in the Bible says to “care for orphans and widows in their distress.”  We want to be faithful to care for orphans by helping them come into loving families and be orphaned no more.

 Tell us about any successes/hardships you have had with owning your own business.
We started our business in January of 2010 and it has grown faster than we imagined it would!  It has been exciting to expand the way that we have and to be able to help more families with adoption costs.  We are all busy moms so it takes a lot of teamwork and multitasking to get everything done.  One of the hardest things is not being able to help every family that we want to help.  We are thrilled that we have grown to the point of being able to help 2 adopting families per quarter and our hope is that we will grow in a way that can serve as many families as possible.  We have entered more craft shows than we originally had planned so our name is getting “out there” and we are beginning to have many return customers, which is very exciting!

What is your purpose for creating Dolka Pots?

Our purpose for creating Dolka Pots is to be faithful to help with the orphan crisis in this world.  We hope to make a difference in our community, to share the love of Jesus with people in need, particularly children in need of a family, and to help bear the burden of adoption costs.  Our hope is to raise awareness at just how serious the orphan crisis in the world is—it is just that, a CRISIS.  We pray that our business will grow and prosper in a way that more people will get involved in helping to decrease the number of orphans in our world.  It is a gift for us to get a front row seat in watching some children come home to their families!
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Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen