The month of October has flown by!!!!  I am behind on some of my posts, but I will try and get caught up this week so y'all can see what all we have been doing.  This past Sunday, we attended our church's Fall Festival.  It was a Trunk or Treat and it was so much fun.  A little overwhelming, but also really fun at the same time!!!  We decided to dress our family up like Noah's Ark and the girls were little lambs.  They were too stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!

Adeline & Maralee's first Fall Festival
Sunday, October 24th
St. James UMC

Maralee (sleeping) & Adeline
Our Ark!

Raleigh, Adeline, Christen & Maralee
It was really funny because most people thought we were shepherds instead of Noah and his wife, but that still made sense so we went with it!  There were so many kids at the Fall Festival and at one point I will admit I got a little nervous.  We kept the girls away from most of the kids and it worked out for our group to get an end parking spot so we weren't in the thick of the crowd.  Our group consists of baby girls and they were all dressed up so adorable that evening!
Adeline, Maralee, & Me with our friends Olivia & KC and Mary Harris & Stephanie
We love our small group!!!!
Maralee, Adeline & Mommy
Shhhh.....sleepy Maralee
Adorable Adeline
Adeline, Maralee & Daddy
Besides going to the Fall Festival, we went to Dothan on Thursday to attend an open house for a kitchen that Raleigh had designed.  It was my first time to see his work and I was really impressed.  I am so proud of my husband and the gifts that the Lord has provided for him to be an architect.  It is really cool to see the before and after pictures and know that my husband was the one that designed it.  When we went home, we were able to test out driving our whole family in the van.  We folded down some of the back row seats so the puppies could have a pallet to lay on.  It was so nice having all of that room!!!!  
Lu Lu is loaded up and ready to go!
Our trip was short, but the twins got to visit with some of their great-grandparents.  My parents have discovered the kids consignment sales and they bought this little play yard for the girls.  It is really fun to watch them focus on a toy and try to figure out how it works.  Every day they are discovering more on how to use their hands.  It is so neat watching their brains think and learn.
Na Na & Adeline
Paw Paw and Maralee
The twins are learning & growing!!!!
Even though our family is in Dothan, we still get to see them on a regular basis.  On Saturday, Raleigh's brother and his wife (one of my best friends from college!) came to Montgomery to watch Auburn play LSU.  I am a member of the Jr. League here in Montgomery and one of our big fundraisers is called the Holiday Market.  I had been volunteering for it all week, but on Saturday Kari Beth and I went shopping at the market and we both got some great Christmas gifts!  It was really fun spending some girl time with KB while the boys watched the twins.  That afternoon we all celebrated as Auburn beat LSU!!!  We are ranked #1 in the nation right now which is great but we still have some really tough games ahead of us.  It is just fun to see Auburn doing so well with us still having such a young team.  War Eagle!!!!!!
So, as you can see, we have had a busy October.  Fun, but busy :)  
Till next time, let your light shine!
Blessings, christen