This past weekend was so special for our family and friends.  On Sunday, our girls were christened at Covenant United Methodist Church in Dothan.  Over 40 family members and friends gathered with us to celebrate this special occasion.  Since Dothan is our hometown, we chose to have the girls christened by the same preacher that married us, Reverend Doctor Hays McKay.  He was so great at personalizing their christening and just added that special touch.  Christening our children was something that Raleigh and I both expressed interest in doing from an early point in our pregnancy.  In our church, christening is more of a declaration that the child's parent is stating to raise up that child in a Christ-filled home.  Children can still choose to become baptized either at a later point or through confirmation class as a youth. One of the quotes in the bulletin was "Child of God, your loving parent, learn to know whose child you are.  Grow to laugh and sing and worship, trust and love God more than all." To us, having the girls christened symbolized how God was with us during their NICU journey and how He is also rejoicing with our family today.  It was a joyful occasion for all.

Dressing Maralee in her christening gown

Uncle Courts holding Adeline

I worked so hard on these gowns!  They are Babbet day gowns and were french hand sewn with the help of my sewing machine.  These dresses took me three months to make and were truly a labor love!

The Ridley's

Raleigh, Maralee, Me & Adeline

The Prices

After the christening, we held a brunch at Raleigh's parents house for some of our family and close friends.  It was a perfect sunny day (of course, it felt more like September than November!) and a wonderful way to thank those closest to us for being our prayer warriors during such a critical time in our lives.  At the brunch, we had so much yummy food and I want to thank my mom, grandmother, Nan Nan, and Mrs. Price for helping me out!

Our party colors were lilac and white so we had a wardrobe change to match the festive occasion!

Raleigh, Adeline, Me & Maralee

Sleepy Adeline with Aunt Mary and Uncle Bobby

The Browns were so sweet to come from Birmingham!

My Na Na & Paw Paw

Nan Nan

Ashley, Maralee, & Me

Miss Kirby holding Maralee

Aunt Starla & Adeline

Uncle Sam, Aunt Kay, & Granddad

Gavin, Carla & Bibb

Miss Adeline after a long day!

Miss Maralee had a fun time at her party!

We are so blessed to have both been raised in Christian-based homes.  So many children grow up not really knowing Jesus and what He has done for us.  Our parents are such rich examples of love and faithfulness to us and we pray to be that example to Adeline and Maralee.  Each day we learn how to accept more of Christ into our lives so we can pour that love into our beautiful little girls.  I am so thankful to be married to a man like Raleigh Price and to have him as the father of our children.  He is the leader of our family and together we are going to do our best to raise our girls knowing Christ's love for them.  It is going to take an army and we thank all of you for helping us raise our girls through your prayers!!!!!  Being apart of the family of Christ is something that I do not take for granted and I personally thank all of you for being my brothers and sisters in Christ.  At the end of their christening the people said:

With God's help we will so order our lives after the example of Christ, that Adeline & Maralee surrounded by steadfast love, may be established in the faith, and confirmed and strengthened in the way that leads to life eternal.


Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen