Maralee & Adeline

It is so hard to believe that another month has gone by and our girls are now six months old!  In six more months they will be one!!!!!  They always say that time flies as you get older, and I really do feel like it has flown by these past three months of them being home with us.  I am a pretty sentimental person but I am trying to not linger on the memories and enjoy the present.  These girls are growing up right in front of my eyes and I don't want to miss any second of it.

Six Months Old

We had our six month doctor's appointment and Adeline has hit 10 pounds!  Maralee is right behind her at 9.11 pounds.  Can you believe we are in the double digits?  When I think that we started at two pounds it makes my heart feel such achievement for these little fighters. We are still wearing newborn clothes but are hoping to move into some of our bigger clothes over the next two months. Both sets of eyes are looking good and we should only have to go back one more time before we are cleared.  The girls received their six month shots and also are starting the RSV shot which will help their premature lungs during flu season.  We are still on formula and he thinks we will be able to start rice cereal in another month.  One thing that we discussed in detail was their bedtime sleep habits.  The past month they had been going to bed after their 10:30/11:00 feed and would wake up around 4:30.  That was a lot better than 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. but he encouraged us to start a new schedule that should help them sleep through the night.  Our goal is to start weaning that 10 p.m. feed back to 7:00 p.m. so they sleep from 7 p.m. - 7 a.m.  I don't know what Raleigh and I will do with ourselves when that time comes!!!!!  One of the hardest things about our new schedule is letting them cry when they wake up at 4:30 a.m. and see if they go back to sleep.  We decided that it would be easier for us to let them cry if they started to sleep in their nursery upstairs.  The first couple of nights were hard hearing them scream through the baby monitor but after about three nights, they are sleeping until we come in their room the next morning!  I am so proud of them adjusting to this new routine that benefits us all! :)

Six Months Old

Also, we have started to have more interactive play time.  At three months, they love to grasp things and have started to study what is going on around them.  I went a little gift card happy at Target and bought all of these fun little developmental toys and videos for them to watch.  It is so much fun watching them learn!  One of the biggest things that we try to do each day is our exercises to build their muscles.  They get tummy time on their Boppy pillows and we also kick their legs and practice pulling our necks up.  Our pediatrician pointed out that Adeline's neck is stronger on the left so we also do an exercise to help her strengthen the right side of her neck for better head control.  Raleigh got out the Johnny Jumper and padded it with blankets so the girls could sit in it.  Of course, they aren't ready to jump because their feet barely touch the ground, but they have fun swinging around in circles.  When they do this, they turn their head in the direction that we are in so I think that is benefiting their head control as well.  They also are starting to have little conversations with us and we get an occasional squeal from time to time that is just too darn cute.

Christen & Adeline
Raleigh & Maralee

I think as time goes on, we are going to get to experience so much with them.  Our pastor stopped us the other day and asked how we were doing.  He has three kids that are in high school and middle school and he said for us to just try and enjoy each stage of their lives and somehow the next stage is always better than the last.  That made sense to me and it is so encouraging for the future.  Thanks to everyone that has prayed for these girls to grow big and strong; they are truly little miracles. 

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen