This Christmas season has flown by!!!!  So sorry the blog has been quite recently, but we have just been going non-stop since December 1st!!!!!

Here's a little peek into what we have been up to this December.....

For starters, we had to get a tree.  Now, we are real tree folks.  Raleigh and I just love the smell of a real tree and that is worth the fuss to us!  We took the girls with us to pick out a tree and I'm sure the people in Home Depot thought we were a bunch of crazy people because we each had a girl strapped to us - him with the Baby Bjorn and me with the sling.  But, really it wasn't that bad.  Raleigh picked up the first tree in the height section that we wanted, spun it around, and we said "let's get it!"  Picking out a tree is pretty easy to me.  If it's the right type, right height, and has no dead spots I am easy to please.  We packed up the tree and headed home to let it fall before we filled it with ornaments.  Here is the finished tree.....

Price Tree 2010

Loved adding our Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments!!!!

Raleigh with our two little elves

Besides decorating for Christmas, we have also been busy celebrating this wonderful holiday with friends.  This past Sunday, we attended the NICU Christmas party and the girls got to meet Santa for the very first time.....

Maralee and Adeline loved sitting on Santa's lap!

Adeline tugging at Santa's coat

Maralee kept pulling Santa's was real!!!!

It was so much fun catching up with our favorite nurses in the whole wide world!!!!!  I tell you, they are truly a gift to the parents.  It was so neat to see how many families were at the party.  There were graduates from all ages and it just goes to show how grateful we all are for the care our children received during that experience.  Those nurses are truly a gift from God!!!!

Maralee and Adeline loved catching up with Mrs. Casey!!!!!

Also, we attended our first birthday party this month!!!!  Our sweet friend, Olivia, turned one!  Her party was owl-themed so we decided that her present should go with the theme....

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!!

Maralee and I were sporting the stripes at O's birthday party!

Some of our small group at the birthday party

We have attended some other parties but I wasn't quick enough with the camera to capture those memories.  I tell you what, as much as I love celebrating, it can be exhausting as well because the parties fall right at the girls' bedtime.  Raleigh and I have been tag-teaming it pretty good but it isn't always easy having the babies at an adult party. So, the girls headed to Dothan yesterday to spend the night with their grandparents while we finish out the next two days of Christmas functions.  This is the first time that they are spending the night away from us so please say a prayer that we won't get sad!!!!  It was the best solution and I know both sets of grandparents are going to love the one-on-one time with the girls.  It is just so quite around here!!!!

Bye mom and dad!!!!

Maralee & Adeline all bundled up before church this December

As we rapidly approach Christmas Eve, I can't help but remember this time last year.  I was soooo sick and we were busting at the seams to share the good news of us being pregnant with our parents.  I remember us decorating our tree and saying that next year it would be different.  Now, a year later, we have not one but two wonderful additions to our family.  Looking at our mantel, I couldn't believe how our family had doubled in just one year.  Having twins is an awesome experience and I am so thankful that God chose us to raise his identical little girls.  As Faith Hill sings, "A baby changes everything..."  Thank you God for sending us your son!!!!!!!!!!

Raleigh's stocking was made by his Me Mommy and I found mine and the girls at Land's End!  The one on the end is the puppies from Pottery Barn.  I love having a full mantle this year!!!!!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!!!!

Blessings, christen