Well, I'm sure some of you have noticed that the blog has been pretty quite this past week.  Usually, that means we are either super busy or sick.  This week, it has been a little of both!  I thought I would take some time to catch y'all up on what's been going on around here.... Last Thursday, I took the girls to Dothan so we could get ready for my sister-in-law, Kari Beth's baby shower.  Yes, we just had a shower for her in Birmingham, but we Southerners love to have showers in every city possible!  This go round, we hosted her Dothan baby shower at my parent's house, hence the reason why I went home early to help.  Saturday morning, we had a lovely brunch for the mother-to-be and it was so great catching up with family and friends.

Kb & Me

We love us some brunch food!!!!

Bought these at the grocery store...I think they were Betty Crocker???

A cake for John Turner!

Pigs in a blanket are one of God's gifts to us all!!!!!

(except when you are fasting..ha ha)

Gunter getting some practice before John Turner arrives!

While we were home, the great grandparents got to spend some time lovin' on the girls.  I just adore seeing the girls interact with all the great grandparents....it is something that makes the great-grandparents so proud - not only have they had children, then grandchildren, but now they get the joy of great-grandchildren!!!!!!  It is so sweet to me :)

Na Na and Paw Paw with the twins

On Sunday, we went to church in Dothan and the preacher at Covenant (yes, the same one that married us and Christened the girls) just hit a home run with his service.  He talked about relationships and how we can keep from drowning in times of crisis.  He referenced Ephesians 4:29, "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."  Wow, isn't that something we all need to hear?!?  I know for me personally, that is something that I have to watch around family.  While it is so great having a close-knit family, we can all get on one another's nerves from time to time, you know?  If you want to hear his whole sermon, click here!

I must say, I thought last week and weekend were going to be the hardest days for me on the Daniel Fast.  In reality, it has taken more thought about what I can and can't eat, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be the last week.  When we went home, I took plenty of meals and snacks for us to eat.  At the brunch, the cake and breakfast casseroles looked delicious, but I just stuck to the fruit, which was very tasty.  It is funny how our families have reacted to us doing the fast.  They refer to it as the "diet" and got easily confused into thinking that we just trying to cut back on sugar.  They were all very supportive, but thought it to be strange that we wouldn't eat our usual stuff.  After talking with some of our other friends, they have had the same reactions from their families as well.  Hearing this, it makes me realize that fasting is not something that is heavily taught in most churches.  Yes, we all know that people did it back in the day, but only crazy high-rollin' Christians do it today, right?  Wrong!!!!!  Anybody can do a fast if you make it a priority.  To me, the convincing statement about fasting was when I read in Matthew 6 that Jesus called us all to Give, Pray, and Fast.  I will admit, I dearly miss my meat, cheese, and chocolate but I only have a little over a week until the fast is complete.  I have truly learned that the food is just a by-product of the fast, but the whole point is to truly spend some QT time with God.

After saying all of this, Monday I took a turn for the worst and got a horrible stomach bug.  Not sure if it was the food I am eating or just something that is going around (which it is...many schools have been shut down around here for the stomach bug) but Monday and Tuesday were not so much fun for me.  I will admit that I broke the fast during that time and had Gatorade and a pb & j (on wheat bread!) but now I am back in business.  I seriously debated the pb& j sandwich, but it was what my body was telling me to eat so I did.  I think I would feel really guilty about it if I ate it when I felt fine, but I believe that it was okay to break the fast during my sick days because when I am sick, I have to listen to my body to get healthy.  My mom was a lifesaver and drove up on Tuesday to watch the girls for me.  Wednesday, I woke up feeling much better and today I am ready to get back in business.

So, I hope that this post has been a good catch-up and I apologize again for being MIA!!!!!  Hope y'all have a great Thursday :)