Cold weather and Commercial Holiday's can only mean one thing....Romantic Comedies.  Romantic Comedies come in all shapes and sizes, there are some great ones and there are some really bad ones that show up this time of the year to make a little cash.  Don't worry, we're here as always to point you in the direction of five romantic comedies that each have something unique to offer.

50 First Dates

This is Adam Sandler at his finest - that means your going to get some pretty raunchy jokes, a few hilarious songs, but surprisingly one of the most original love stories that's been told recently.


Whether you're a Pixar fanatic like me or your kids think he's just funny to look at, after watching Wall-E you will realize this is no children's popcorn movie.  Will your kids love it - yes, will you love it more - yes!  Wall-E plays out like a classic silent film where love is expressed through actions.

I Love You Man

If you're tired of the same formulaic movie being rehashed each year, this is the movie for you.  I Love You Man twists the typical plot of a guy chasing a girl - to a married guy who doesn't have many friends chasing down another guy to find a best friend.  This one is definitely not a family friendly movie though, it has some innuendos not appropriate for the kids.


You've got a confident as always Will Smith as he plays a "date doctor" for a nervous character played by Kevin James, one of the better physical comedians of recent years.  Simply put, Hitch is fun.  It has a really solid cast that plays off each other very well.  You can't go wrong with this one.

Dan In Real Life

This is without a doubt Steve Carell's greatest performance - but it's not his typical slap stick comedy role.  This movie is extremely hard movie to describe, but the title says it best.  This is Dan in Real Life - not movie life.  This movie has tension, drama, and hilarious moments brought to life by an extremely dramatic family.  Again, this is not a happy go lucky  movie, but it's a real movie that has become one of my favorites to watch over and over.

Have fun!


Honorable Mention: Music and Lyrics