Y'all, can it be?  Can my baby girls REALLY be 11 months old?

Maralee and Adeline, 11 months old

The girls have been visiting their grandparents for a long weekend and I finally get them back today. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!  Raleigh and I have both been sick and I think we gave the girls a little of our crud.  Mom took them to our doctor in Dothan and he said that they have ear infections and gave them some other medicine for congestion.  I hate being away from my babies while they are sick, but I know it is best for us ALL to get well before we start to hold and love on them!!!!!

Adeline and Maralee sitting up in our yard

Speaking of being sick, we had a little scare this month.  Early in the month, we had a play date with some of our friends at church.  We had a good time playing with all of our friends, but the days after that we got a little scared.  First, one friend came back positive with RSV.  Then, another.  I called our doctor and spoke with the phone nurse telling her that they had been exposed to RSV.  Basically, RSV is a virus that makes the babies sick and it is hard for them to breathe.  RSV can make a baby cough really bad and even be sent to the hospital to give them oxygen to help them breathe.  There really isn't a cure for RSV but we have been taking Synagis shots all winter to help us not get it.  With preemies, their lungs just aren't developed and RSV can hit them really hard.  Anyways, I started to freak out a little bit.  Neither of the girls were showing signs of being sick at first, but I really got scared.  Satan started to plant these thoughts into my head about the girls having to go back to the hospital.  My mind began to think the worst and that they would get so sick that they wouldn't be able to fight it.  I broke down in tears.  Then, a couple of days after I had my mini-meltdown, Adeline started to have a fever before she went to bed of 101.1 degrees.  I called my friend whose baby was just sick with RSV.  I asked her, "Should I call the doctor just because of her temp?  Do you think I should take her in?"  She told me that even though it was late I should call so I would feel better.  He told me not to worry and to wait it out.  After I hung up the phone, I of course, couldn't stop worrying.  I called my friend Katie because Ben had RSV earlier this winter and told her what was going on.  She was so sweet to me over the phone and assured me that it was okay to be feeling this way about Adeline.  Sometimes, it is just reassuring to here it from a preemie momma who has been down this road.  I needed some comfort and I got it from both of my friends that night. The next day, I took Adeline to the doctor even though he told me not to come in and had her checked for RSV.  She was fine and he said that the fever might have been just a spike in temperature or a small cold that she fought off.  I am going to do another post about baby fevers from an interview I saw on The Today Show that can help us parents know what to look for when our children are running fever.

Adeline's telling me, "ha ha, mom, you just thought I was sick."


The girls are 11 months old.  They will turn one in a month.  Can I just take a moment and say, Wow????!!!!!!

Both girls have had a great month.  Adeline is in the scoot and go position.  I will put her on her belly in one spot and find her in another spot moments later.  She isn't technically crawling, but she is army scootin' and rolling from tummy to back like nobody's business.

Miss Adeline

Maralee, on the other hand, likes to stay right where you put her :)  She will sit in the same spot and want me to pick her up any time I am in the room.  When I pick her up, all she wants to do is BOUNCE!  She pushed her legs up and down and makes the cutest "ooh-ooh" noise with her mouth.  I think she is going to go straight to walking and just skip the whole crawling thing!  Either way, the girls are getting MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!

Maralee says, "Mom, roll me over, please!  No more tummy time!!!"

Also, we have learned how to make different sounds with our mouths.  Both girls shriek and Maralee has learned how to make spit bubbles.  How lovely.  Besides making noises with their mouths, they are putting everything in site in there too!  Note, the grass in Adeline's mouth in this picture:

The girls are doing great with grabbing food with their fingers and putting it in their mouths.  We have moved on to meat, cheese, bread, and pasta.

My messy pots Maralee and Adeline

It makes my job of feeding them a lot easier, but clean up is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!  But, I've got my trusty clean-up crew to help me get the job done.

Obi and Lu Lu helping me clean up!

Besides eating, we have spent some good time outside.  Maybe we all have allergies and that is why we have been sick.  Who knows but it has been hard to resist this gorgeous weather.  I will just put a blanket in the front yard and we will sit and play for a while.  It is nice to not be bound to the indoors anymore!!!!!!!!!

Maralee & Adeline

When I took Adeline to the doctor, she weighed 15.4 ounces.  I'm sure Maralee is a little behind her, probably around fifteen.  So, my estimate of sixteen pounds by one looks like a good goal to reach.  Yay!  Two pounds to sixteen pounds....not bad, not bad at all!

Adeline all buckled in at the zoo

Maralee wanted me to hold her, of course!!!!

We have had some March Madness with our friends once everyone got to feeling better.  We went to the zoo and all played the Wii one night at church.  Fun times that hardly cost a penny!!!!!!!

I tried the swings out on Maralee - do y'all think she liked it? :)

We hope Zoe Grace can come join us soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We love you Zoe Grace!!!!!!!

We love our friends!!!!

Thank you friends for being with us over this past year.  We love sharing our joys and struggles with all of you....it has been quite a year!!!!  Also, a big THANK YOU to Jessica Whatley, Stephanie Dellinger, The Prices, and Melissa Marshall for making a donation to our March for Babies page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet friends for helping us help sick babies!  If you would still like to make a donation, put this link into your dashboard:



Okay, time for me to go love on my baby girls after missing them the last couple of days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen