Hey all you sweet potatoes! Any of you so glad it's Friday?  I am happy it's Friday because in a couple of hours I get to see my hubby again!  We have had a busy week, for sure!  On Wednesday, we headed to Dothan because Raleigh's brother, and his wife delivered their sweet baby boy!  John Turner Price arrived in this world at 5:47 p.m. weighing 8 pounds!  We are so excited to have a cousin and to become an aunt and uncle!

Maralee says, "We can't wait to meet you John Turner!"

Who's this John Turner I've been hearing so much about? - Adeline

All the fam waiting to get a glimpse at John Turner

Since he came on Wednesday, I decided to stay in Dothan with my parents while Raleigh headed back to work.  It has been nice being home.  Last night, my grandparents came over and my mom made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, macaroni & cheese, cornbread AND brownies with icing for dessert.  What a meal!  As you can see, Adeline thoroughly enjoyed the mac & cheese:

At the table, my dad said, "She has a passion for eating."  Ha!  What a fitting statement.  The child loves mealtime!  We joked that she was mac and Maralee was cheese. :)  (I thought it was funny!)  Besides eating, Adeline has also learned how to crawl forwards.  Friends, I've got to start barricading my curious George - just this week I have found her in a different spot than where I left her and she was holding Obi's dog bone.  Not cool.  I think I need a baby corral.

My sweet Maralee still likes to stay in one spot.  She looks so gentle sitting upright while sister is scooting around everywhere.  While I want her to start moving, I love her staying still!  I can foresee my not-so-far-away future of both of they crawling around...in this future I see myself very busy keeping up with two crawlers!  Also, in a land not very far away, they will both be WALKING....good golly miss molly!!!!  While Maralee doesn't love to crawl, she does love to hold on to furniture and try to balance.  Raleigh swears the other night she kept herself balanced for two seconds before falling.  I can see her going straight from sitting to walking....just to show sister who is the boss :)

To prove my point, Adeline has learned that she can mess with sister now that she moves and Maralee doesn't.  When I lay them both down in their crib (yes, we are still sharing) Adeline will roll up to a sitting position and start smacking Maralee in the face.  Of course, little sister DOES NOT like big sis picking on her so she starts crying.  The other day, just to get her to stop, I put Adeline in her own crib only to find her using the bumper pads to try to stand up.  One of Raleigh's to-do's this week while we are gone is to lower the crib rails.......my oh, my when did my girls get so big?

Still no teeth yet but we are drooling like crazy.  Both girls also keep runny noses.  Our pediatrician said to let it run its course and it might just be a common cold and have nothing to do with teething.  Not really sure about that but I do hope our little crud goes away soon so we can get ready for our birthday party!!!!!!!

As their first year comes to a close, I find myself so fortunate to be their mother.  Recently, I volunteered on a project and had to be out of baby land for a couple of days.  I realized how fortunate I am to be able to stay at home with my girls.  I just love it, I honestly do.  I know it is not appealing to everyone but for me, right now, it is exactly where I need to be.  As mundane as my day can be at times - cleaning up after mealtime, running the dishwasher, folding clothes - it is also terribly wonderful.  I thank God for our precious little miracles and I am trying to make the most of our time together.  Every day is not a perfect day, but it is a day well spent.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!  Also, if anyone wants to re-read any of our posts from the NICU, check out the new feature on the right side bar.  Thank you Raleigh for this new feature!!!!!!!!!!!!  Remember, it is never too late to donate to our March of Dimes page.  Just copy this link into your toolbar to donate.


Thank you Rachel and Dianne for donating to our page!

Okay, I'm for real outta here.  Hope to have pics of John Turner soon!!!!  Toodle-oo!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen