It's been one month since the devastating earthquake of a 9.0 magnitude caused a tsunami to strike the northeastern coast of Japan. In spite of the nations quick and responsive efforts its wounds are still visible. Fear is beginning to settle in along with the realization that countless families have no place to call home. The following images document a culture struggling to repair itself.  

A man watches as his village is searched for dead bodies. (Reuters/Carlos Barria)

The evacuation zone is cleared of its victims. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

A woman rides her bike through the debris. (Reuters/Damir Sagolj)

A bus sits atop a wrecked building. (Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images)

A survivor plays in a toy car while a real car lay upside down. (Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images)

A lone house stands among the rest. (Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images)

Flowers laid at the feet of countless victims. (Reuters/Toru Hanai)

A monk prays for victims. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

If you are in a situation where you are capable of giving, there are dozens of creditable sources online that will accept and funds willingly given. If you are not in such a position, join in with the monk above and offer a prayer. It's in moments such as these that the Christian world has a chance to be the body of Christ and offer a hand.

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