Hey Sweet Potatoes! Hope everyone had a hoppin' good time at Easter (get it...hoppin'...bunnies....okay, I better stop now). We headed down to D-town for some Easter fun. It was a pretty busy weekend by the time we saw all of the family and I must say it felt good to pull into our driveway late that afternoon. Do holidays wear anyone else out? Boy, was I pooped. But, it was worth it :)

Saturday, my mom and I helped host a baby shower for my wonderful friend Ashley. I have mentioned before on the blog here that she is expecting twin girls this July. I still can't get over the fact that we will share this wonderful gift of being a mother of twins. I keep telling her how much she is going to love it. She looked great and had a lovely shower with lots of gifts!!!!!!

Ash, Maralee, Me & Adeline...we can't wait to meet Claire and Camryn!

After the shower, we let the girls cool down in the baby pool at Raleigh's parents house. Since it was over 80 degrees that day, the water felt perfect! I had packed their swimsuits, but we decided to just throw them in there. What the heck, right?! They found their dad's old Lego's and had a blast playing with them in the water.

Maralee was using the lego's as a chew toy!

Adeline LOVES playing in the water!

I want to play...

Me too.

Easter morning we gave the girls their baskets before we went to church. I swear, I had the hardest time finding the perfect Easter basket. Of course, Pottery Barn Kids was already sold out by the time I got to it so I made do with these from Hobby Lobby. It seems to me that the trend these days is to do a bucket or a bag but I wasn't into it. I think that is so cute, but I was really going for the traditional look this year. Lesson learned - get a head start on Easter next year!!!!!

Maralee and Adeline on Easter morning

What would I do without Carter's play clothes?

After church, we ate lunch with my family at the Country Club in Dothan.

Maralee and Adeline's 1st Easter

Walking up, it was like the final scene from Steel Magnolias. All of the children in their Sunday best running around barefoot in the green grass while their parents were sipping sweet tea from a champagne glass. Once inside the heavy double doors, I was overwhelmed with the noise and amount of people in line waiting to be seated. When I am hungry/tired, I do NOT do well with crowds. Once we got our table, I had Maralee sitting next to me and she wasn't into the commotion either. We got up halfway through lunch and went into the foyer to calm down. Ole' Adeline was just fine the minute we put some sweet potatoes on her plate. I had changed the girls out of their christening gowns just for this reason. By the time we were finished, the high chairs were smeared with food and the remnants were on the carpet below us. I felt so bad for our waitress and hoped we didn't get a disapproving stare from the other tables around us! Oh well, I'm better off eating supper from a plastic plate and a solo cup anyways.

The Ridley's

Na Na and Paw Paw with the twins

Once we finished lunch, we drove down Main Street and headed to Raleigh's grandmother house. Every year, she does an Easter egg hunt and she hides some $5 bills in some of the eggs. By the time we pulled into her drive, Maralee was sacked out but Adeline was still awake so we let her come outside for the hunt. I found one of the $5 eggs but I gave my money to Raleigh and haven't seen it since. Before long, it was time for us to pack up and head north to our little house in Montgomery.

The Prices

Nan Nan and the girls

While we had fun eating a fancy lunch and hunting Easter eggs, I couldn't help but wonder why. Why do we make such a fuss about being with family and filling an Easter basket? Why is Easter Sunday the only Sunday that a church is filled to the brim? Do we celebrate Easter out of tradition or love? Once it is over, do we remember why we did it in the first place? Now, as a parent, I look at holidays like Easter and Christmas from a different perspective than when I was growing up. It really isn't about the gifts and the lace dresses. It's about Jesus. Who He is and what He has done for us. As our girls get older, I want to try my mighty best to show them the real reason for why we celebrate these special days. They need to get these lessons from their parents' on a daily basis, not just in Sunday school.

Easter is a time of re-birth and new beginnings. I encourage all of us to start looking at our lives through Jesus' perspective. We might be surprised at what we see.......

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen