Okay, as I mentioned last week, here are some adorable pictures of Mr. John Turner Price!!!!!

I can't get enough of his cheeks!

Gunter and John Turner

Mom and John Turner

I was so glad that we got to go home and spend some time with the new parents. Kari Beth and I have been friends since we were suitemates freshman year at Auburn and I was overjoyed to get the opportunity to love on John Turner. Since I stayed in Dothan after he was born Wednesday night, I actually got some good one on one time with KB in between her visitors. As she mentions in her post here, John Turner had to go on oxygen for some fluid in his lungs after he was born. Their doctor said that this was typical in newborn boys and he was off of the oxygen by Friday. His oxygen treatments were given to him by a bubble being placed around his head - he looked like a little astronaut. Due to his treatments, Kari Beth and Gunter only got to hold him right after delivery and then they had to wait until Friday afternoon. Watching them not being able to hold their baby brought back so many memories from when the girls were in the NICU that first month. I remember how desperately I wanted to get my hands on my babies; just so I could feel as though they were truly mine. It was weird seeing my sister-in-law go through something along the same lines one year later. They were so strong and we were all so glad that they finally got to snuggle up against their newborn!

Thanks for making me an uncle!

And an aunt!!!!

After he got off his oxygen, they found out he had jaundice and had to go under the bilirubin lights.  This delayed them coming home an extra day.  Finally, the whole family got to come home around lunch on Sunday!  Here we are after church getting to hold John Turner:

This was our best attempt at getting a picture of the cousins....we will have to try again soon (ha ha!)

Besides meeting John Turner, we had a nice break being at home.  It was so pretty on Saturday so we played outside most of the day.  We started out in the new swing that my parents bought for the girls.

Wee!!! Maralee loves it when her daddy swings her :)

Adeline says, "That makes two of us!"

After that, we changed into our bathing suits.  Oh, how I can eat them up in their cute swimsuits!!!  Please pause for way too many pictures! (what's a momma to do?!)

Maralee and Adeline in their first swimsuits




We decided to test out the girls in their new baby pool.  I was nervous about it but they did great!  They loved the toys and both girls splashed around for a while.  I am so excited about summertime being right around the corner!!!!

We love our  new pool!

While we were home, Adeline started to cut a tooth.  It is on the bottom and I think it is driving her crazy.  I read somewhere that a fun thing to do with babies was give them jello.  I figured with her teething it might offer some comfort.  They were so amused by this green goo that they could eat!  (Random - I bought the sugar-free kind if anyone is interested in trying this at home)

Maralee trying out the jello

Adeline loves to play with her food!

Just in case y'all were wondering how we were doing with Adeline crawling, here is a picture that pretty much sums up my days lately.

Notice the spilled dog food....

Seriously, I need a baby corral.

Have a great day everyone!


Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen