Since the weather has warmed up, Raleigh and I have enjoyed jogging the girls around the neighborhood. We are a site to see - two adults, double stroller, and two dogs! Even though we might get some curious stares, we have grown fond of getting outside and exercising together. Below is an article from How Stuff Works about why it is beneficial to exercise as a couple. 20110503-081652.jpg

As our runs get longer LuLu struggles with keeping up with us. We let her take a rest in the stroller basket the other day and this has become a habit now




An ideal workout partner has several requisite qualities: He or she is someone you enjoy being around, a person who can accept and issue a challenge and understands your strengths and weaknesses. Sounds oddly like your significant other, doesn't it? In fact, a healthy relationship and a healthy body have many similarities, so you might as well get your heart pounding with the person your heart aches for.

5: Friendly Competition Can Re-kindle a Fire

Why not make things interesting with a little friendly competition? You might just find that the internal fire you create during exercise carries over to your personal life [source: Fisher].

The next time you're on a jog with your honey, try finishing with a sprint. If one of you is faster than the other, then allow the slower runner to get a head start. There's nothing like the thrill of the chase. Or see who can finish 10 reps of an exercise first. Make sure to keep it light and fun, but the little bit of extra drive will not only encourage you both to try harder -- it'll liven up your interactions. Speaking of interactions, you can place a wager on the outcome of your competition. The reward could be foot rubs or control of the television remote.

4: To Share Your Passion

There's passion for a person and there's passion for a sportIt may take a little work and compromise on both sides, but if you can introduce your significant other to your sport or exercise of choice, you may discover your relationship becomes closer. What starts out as support ends up benefiting both of you in terms of physical health and couple bonding [source: Jayson].

4: You Get' er Done

It's no secret; one of the hardest parts about working out is sticking with it for the long term. The tiniest of things get in the way and pretty soon three weeks have passed since you've exercised. That's what your sweetie can help prevent.

Having your significant other on the same workout schedule can act as a great motivator to get out of bed in the morning. If you're sluggish, she can give you a friendly nudge. If she pushes the snooze button, you can hold her accountable. Love hurts. That two-person support network can be vital to keeping an exercise regimen going, especially if the person you're burning calories with is your loved one. [source: Ellis]. We call that a win-win.

2: Familiarity Breeds Fitness

But, if your workout partner is someone who has already vowed to stay with you through thick and thin, you're more likely to stick with the plan. You already know your sweetheart's style, how far they can push themselves and how far they'll allow themselves to be pushed by you. In addition, they know the same about you. How important is that? Married couples who work out together are almost seven times more likely to stick with a fitness program than couples who don't [source: Keefe].

1: Improved Relationship Health

Challenges, when endured side-by-side, strengthen relationships. Goals achieved together create great memories -- memories that can be called upon for strength when the going gets tough again. Exercise is a challenge you can face together as you move toward an agreed-upon finish line or target. That link will serve to strengthen not only your muscles, but your ties with your partner [source: Ellis].

Working out together in the morning can set the tone for the whole day. Exercising in the evening can help relax and invigorate you after a long day at work. Either way, it insures that you get some quality time together. And keep this in mind, the bonds formed between you and your partner will last much longer than your time in the gym.