How many of you, like me, take your iPhone or iPod touch to work for personal calls/music and having it sitting directly next to your keyboard? Well now there is a new keyboard with a built in dock made by Wow-Keys that works with Mac and PC. They keyboard dock functions as in input device that is compatible with iPhone or iPod touch.

In addition, it works like an ordinary dock, charging your device and syncing it with iTunes at the same time. It comes with an available app that turns the touchscreen itself into an input device, allowing you to perform commonly used functions with 12 shortcut hotkeys.

The design is nice because it provides you with a full size standard keyboard and naturally replaces the "calculator pad" to the right with the iOS device. The design seems intuitive and very functional, it also would help reduce my desk clutter.

The keyboard is available for $99.99. I think I will make a pitch for this as my replacement keyboard at work as soon as mine dies!