Thirteen  Months = Baby Proofing Baby proofing has become my new hobby around here.  We installed a gate at the top of the stairs.  Plug protectors have gone in all of the outlets.  Rubber bands are over the door handles.  Remotes are kept out of tiny arms length.  The whole house seems to be reorganized right now around the girls.  They are everywhere!  Being mobile means you never really have a moment alone (unless it's nap time!).  I'll set the girls down in the den and soon enough I here clomp, clomp, clomp as little hands and feet scoot around the corner to the kitchen.  Or, I'll be in my bathroom/dressing area getting ready to go out and I see a snaggle-tooth grin coming at me.  We have found objects around the house to be quite entertaining.  A picture frame holder that has never been opened is really fun to bang on the hardwood.  The dishwasher is at a perfect height for little Adeline to help "unload" the silverware.  Of course, the refrigerator is a delightful place of discovery; one with food, colorful containers, and a slight chill.  It's crazy how mobile these two have become over the month.

Here's a video of Maralee learning to crawl: And Adeline walking with the help of a toy walker:  

Watch out world, here we come!

Maralee and Adeline in their cute new outfits from Miss Kirby!

(our bloomers had already come off since it was almost bedtime!)

One thing that has surprised me this month is that the girls were still getting sick.  At the beginning of the month, Maralee got another ear infection.  She has had at least four ear infections since the new year.  Our pediatrician gave her medicine and we went back for a follow-up and her ears had cleared up.  We decided to post-pone putting tubes in her ears.  Then, a week later she and Adeline started to cough and have a runny nose.  We treated it at home and Adeline got better after two weeks.  But, Maralee got worse.  She had a really high temperature, vomit, diarrhea, and was extremely fussy.  I took her to the doctor last Friday and he said that she had a bacterial infection.  They did a blood sample and it came back very high - they said that usually the white blood cell count is around 8-10,000 but Maralee's was 22,000.  She was miserable and weak.  Poor baby just laid her head on my chest all day long.  They gave her a shot and some antibiotics and we will go back in another week to see if it has cleared up.  Even though this was unrelated to her ears, we might be reconsidering getting tubes.  Do y'all have any advice?  Who has gotten tubes?  When did you say enough was enough with the ear infections?  Did any of y'all post-pone tubes and are glad that you decided not to get them?  I want to do what is best for my child but at the same time I don't want to put her through anything that could be unnecessary.  I'd love some advice!

The main thing that bothered me with Maralee getting sick was seeing my child so frail.  It reminded me of how sick she was in the NICU.  It scares me and I start to think the worst.  I know this isn't a great statement to make but I feel like it isn't fair.  Why does she have to get so sick?  Hasn't she been through enough in her short life already?  Aren't the summer months time to get out and play?  I've been putting them in the church nursery and open play areas more since they turned one.  Part of me feels guilty - like maybe she got sick from another kid and this was my fault.  But, we can't be in a bubble forever and all kids get sick eventually.  Right?  I've realized that fear, guilt, and doubt are feelings that I am going to have to constantly overcome with the girls. It is a constant challenge for me to put my trust in the Lord instead of succumbing to these feelings.

So, we have been in recovery mode since last Friday.  We had originally planned on going to the beach again this past weekend but after she threw up all over me we cancelled :)  I know this is extremely selfish, but it was hard for me to choose to stay home instead of going to the beach.  We are in Montgomery for the next couple of weekends and I really wanted to go down there again.  Once we made the decision not to go; I had some time to think about how much I have matured since I became a mom.  It isn't about me.  Being a mother has taught me to put others before myself.  This can be a challenge....but I have to believe that God is teaching me this lesson for a reason.

Maralee got up close and personal with the sand at the beach!

Adeline might be sweet on the outside but she is mischievous on the inside!!! :)

Speaking of learning - the girls have been expanding their vocabulary.  We've got "da-da," "mmm," "llll" and "ba-ba," down.  I think they are learning "dog" right now too.  Probably because we say a million times a day "play nice with the dog," or "no-no, don't eat the dog food."  I read in a parenting magazine that a good term to use is "not for Adeline" or "not for Maralee" instead of just saying no.  I think using their names helps them to understand that I am talking to them directly.  I've also found that the easiest way to keep the hands out of things is to replace the item with a toy that they can play with.  Adeline thinks it's funny when I pat her hand out of the dog food - we've gotta work on that one :)

Adeline and Maralee

When I took Maralee to the doctor, she weighed 16 pounds so I'm guessing Adeline is around 16.7 pounds.  We are slowly growing!  Must be from all the fun food we've gotten to eat lately.

Oh heavens!  Adeline painted her face with her food :)

Little sis did too!

I'm so glad the girls like bath time now because we are in the tub often after meals!  They've also learned how to do a semi-kiss.  It's so funny - they will open their mouths wide and place it on our face.  I'll take those kisses any day!!!  We also love anything that makes sound.  Shakers, tambourines, Sugar Daddy boxes...the list can go on and on.  They've gotten really good at the banging motion with their hands.  We are also pulling up really well on furniture.  Won't be long folks....say a prayer for us when we have two babies walking!!!!!!

Maralee and Adeline think everything is a chew toy these days!!!

It's been a good month.  Being one is fun - and challenging.  But, we're surviving and learning about how to be better parents every day.  Life is all about learning, you know?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen