There was a time in our house when our dogs had to nothing other than bat those puppy eyes to receive a good ole belly rub. Things are different these days. Lately they have been treated more like employees. To be specific they have been treated like a janitorial staff. They are kept outside or confined into a single room until the girls have finished eating. At this point the "cleaning crew" is brought in as we release the hounds. Literally.

I must say they are pretty systematic and efficient in their ways. LuLu gets low and Obi goes high; they never fight over who gets what. She gets the crumbs on the floor and he gets the food in the booster seats. After that, Mom and Dad come through with a good ole clorox wipe-down.

I may have exaggerated the treatment of the dogs though, their still royalty and get a belly rub anytime they want!

So how do things work around your house? Do you handle all the clean up or do you have any "assistance"?