Lately, we've gotten a chance to do some good ol' fashioned hangin' out.  It's been fun. We went to Birmingham with JW and KC to attend Ashley's baby shower.  She looks so good pregnant!  Not too much longer before we get to meet Claire and Camryn!!!!

We didn't plan on coordinating our colors but it turned out for a cute picture!

Pretty lady!!!

The girls

We've also had some small group get-togethers. Food and friends = Fun.

Adeline and Maralee love playing in the ball pit!

Our church has a program for moms of children under the age of two called Sweet Tea and Sippy Cups.  We meet during lunch and bring the kids to the church to play.  It just started but has already been a great way for us to meet other young families in the church.  This was our best attempt at getting a group shot:

Randomly, Raleigh and I decided to have some friends that were in town that weekend over to play rock band.  When we first moved to Montgomery and had no friends, we would play this just me and him.  I'm sure our neighbors thought we were pretty cool.  Anywho, it is much more fun having a whole band!  If I could ask God for a gift, I would ask him for the ability to sing.  I can't sing on tune but it sure is fun to try!!!

To welcome the Godwin's home from Africa, we had an impromptu party where we dressed all of the girls in the same outfit.  They even got a picture of Zoe in her outfit!  Can't wait for them to be able to share her sweet face with the world!  They have one more trip to make where they should be bringing her home.  Praying for y'all!!!!!

One of my sweet (old) co-workers is also expecting a little girl.  It's Stephanie, my wonderful sewing friend.  I had so much fun hanging out with her and our other friend Abby.  It's funny how God puts people in our lives - I met Abby in college while we were Camp War Eagle counselors together and she is best friends with Stephanie.  Then, couple years later, Stephanie and I are working together and become friends.  I can't wait for the girls to all hang out together one day soon!

I just took Adeline since Maralee was sick that day

We loved getting to see Dottie again!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen