At first glance you might think, "Gosh, Christen.  Isn't this a pretty easy verse to remember?"  I know it only has nine words.  But I love the truth in these nine words:

Easy come, easy go, but steady diligence pays off.

- Proverbs 13:11

Easy come, easy go, but steady diligence pays off.  Wow.  Ain't that the truth?  I am in this season of life right now where I need to hear these words.  That steady diligence WILL pay off.  Sometimes, when walking at a pace of life that seems never-ending, I wonder if my work will pay off.  I wonder if it is worth it - the time, the thoughts, the energy put forth.  Words such as these give me comfort that my diligence in my walk with Christ pays off.  It isn't easy.  It isn't quick.  But, it is so worth it.

Do any of you have a simple verse that helps you out while traveling on this road of life?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen