I love our mornings.  As I roll out of bed, I hear faint baby jibber coming from the monitor.  Taking the steps up to the girls' nursery, I open the door and usually see two smiling faces propped up against the side of the crib that they still share.  When the twins see me, I get giggles in return for picking them up to go downstairs for breakfast.  Oh, how my girls love to eat.  It is truly remarkable.  Adeline will bang her hands happily against the booster seat tray as I pour out some version of Cheerio's for her to munch on while I fix breakfast.  My sweet Maralee can drink her milk in one big gulp; barely stopping to eat.  As we sit at the table, the three of us, I thank God for giving us another day together.

Maralee & Adeline

Children - no matter how rambunctious, disheveled, or curious they may be - are truly a blessing from above.  What light shines from their eyes and what glorious love they give by just being around.  I've learned again recently how to be thankful for these moments that I get to share with my girls every day.  Being at home with them might mean us making some sacrifices, but it also allows for so much gain.  Watching my children grow up and learn something new each month is such a gift.  It really is.

Maralee - 14 months

Adeline - 14 months

For instance, this summer the girls have learned how to stand on their own.  They will crouch down and then pop back up...it is funny to watch.  And, we are taking teeny tiny baby steps!  Especially if a popsicle is the reward.

Adeline & Maralee working on Dora popsicles

So far, we have counted Adeline taking seven steps and Maralee two or three.  Before long, my girls will be walking.  I can't believe I'm saying that!  I am so proud of them.

We have also learned how to make motions with our hands.  When we say "Yay" or "Good Job" the girls will clap their hands together.  We can sloppily wave hello and goodbye too.  But, my favorite by far is them blowing a kiss when we say "Love You."  It is the closest I'm getting to hearing them say those words and it really does make me melt like ice cream on a hot summer day.

Adeline and Maralee catchin' the breeze on the hammock

If you can't tell from all of our beach footage, we are beach bums.  The girls are so fascinated with the ocean, sand, and all the people.  It is so amusing watching them people-watch...or should I say children-watch.  If there is a child running around, my girls stop and stare.  Sweet Maralee will stare with a smile on her face and before long Adeline is pumping her legs in excitement.  They are marveled by the world around them.

Adeline playing in the water

Maralee crawling in the sand

Unfortunately, we have found the stairs at our house.  They know how to get up a couple of steps but are scared to death to go down.  It scares me to death to find them on the steps...how did they get up there so fast!?  Another baby gate is on our list.  With all of their daily adventures, I love watching them play together.  They will climb in and out of their ball pit, jingle and jangle their tambourines, and shriek with delight as they try to pet Lu Lu.  Watching their friendship bloom daily makes my heart glad.  They don't always share and there are certainly tears but I see the way that they love one another through their actions.

Maralee and Adeline on the 4th of July, 2011

Like, one night Maralee couldn't sleep so I went upstairs to rub her back. After a few moments, Adeline changed positions in her sleep and snuggled up against sister.  Instantly, Maralee drew comfort from her and quieted down.  It was like they got into the same position that they were once in inside my womb.  Or, when we go on walks in the evening and I see the girls holding hands.  Raleigh and I share a secret smile knowing that these girls will always have a friend in one another.  A friend to share secrets, to skip and play, and to love when they feel all alone in this world.  Raising twins is a beautiful thing.

A major praise for the past two months is neither of my girls have gotten terribly sick.  We go back to the doctor soon so I am anxious to see how much they weigh - probably around seventeen or eighteen pounds I imagine.  We are also sprouting teeth!  Both girls have two bottom teeth and two top teeth breaking through.  It is so neat to watch their smiles change each month!

Adeline showing her two bottom teeth

Soon, my girls will start attending Mother's Morning Out at a local church.  While I am super excited for them and hope that it helps them develop and mature; part of me is a little sad to let them go.  I have loved spending so much time with them.  Our time isn't over but I feel like this next year is going to be different.  So, I'm trying to soak up these last days of summer; enjoying these special moments before we get into the early days of fall.

Adeline & Maralee

Fall.  Wow, is it really almost here?

Time flies.  That's why we gotta love them with all we got while we got 'em.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen