Ahhh.... For the first time since our honeymoon, Raleigh took a whole week off of work.  Of course, we headed to the beach!  It was just what we needed to take away our stresses and the daily grind.  Towards the middle of the week, we looked at each other and kinda felt guilty for having so much fun.  But, that feeling didn't last long :)

Raleigh, Maralee, Adeline, & Christen

Summer 2011

To kick the week off, we celebrated the 4th of July with Raleigh's family.  Gunter, KB, and John Turner stayed at the beach house and we had so much fun hanging out with them.  The girls are so sweet with their little cousin and suddenly they have become fascinated with all of their old toys.

Adeline, John Turner, & Maralee on the 4th of July

Need some help?

Such a cute little fella

Friday night, our first night at the beach, we headed to Louis Louis for dinner.  Can I get a yum from anyone out there?  This is the same food as the Red Bar but it is so much quicker to get a table.  My favorite dish is the Mahi Mahi but it wasn't on the menu that night so I ordered their famous crab cakes.  I am always hesitant to order crab cakes for dinner because I'm afraid I won't get enough to eat but these did not disappoint.  They are 90% crab meat and I could barely finish them...but I did because they were so darn good!

The Prices, 4th of July  2011

The rest of the weekend we had some fun in the sun - and sand.  Who would have thought that the girls would like the sand so much?  Of course, they tried putting it in their mouths resulting in sandy #2's in their diapers :)  Seriously though, our girls love the beach.  Which, we love!!!!

Maralee makin' sand castles

Adeline's sandy booty

The waves didn't bother them a bit!

Maralee loves playing with dad in the ocean!Fearless Adeline

Raleigh and Gunter busted out their old skimboards.  It was fun to watch!

The four of us also played two games of beach volleyball.  Let's just say none of us are going to make the team anytime soon!  It made for a good laugh.  One night, when it was just us and his parents, we went to eat at the Old Florida Fish House.  We love how this restaurant is nice but very kid-friendly.  Raleigh ordered their crab spring rolls and tuna dip and both had amazing flavor.

Adeline and Maralee with me and Raleigh...notice that Maralee has a bow in her hair!!!

Miss Adeline

Adeline & Maralee with their Grandaddy and Gabby

Speaking of crabs, one night Raleigh took me crabbin'.  There I was, searching for crabs in the dark with ten-year olds, and I had so much FUN!  I caught the big guy in the bucket below and a couple of the small ones.

Even though I caught 'em, I didn't want to hold the bucket!

Raleigh let them go...but then the next day we found big guy stuck in the sea oats.  I felt a little sad that he didn't make it back to sea :(

Soon, the family rolled out and it was just us for a couple of days.  It was so nice making memories with my little family.  We would play on the beach all morning and then when the girls took their afternoon nap, Raleigh and I would sit in the sun.  It was wonderful.  We took it easy most of the time, taking the girls out again at sunset.  Sweet times.

Hittin' the beach with Adeline & Maralee

Adeline & Maralee loved spending all day with their dad!

Me & Maralee

Raleigh & Adeline

Adeline & Maralee went shopping with us one day at the outlets

As the week came to a close, my parents came down for the last weekend of our trip.  They hadn't been with the girls at the beach since last summer so it was a real treat.  It was real sea-weedy one day so we filled the raft up with water...the girls got a real kick out of their swimming pool!

Maralee splish-splashin

Adeline & Maralee are having a ball!

Adeline was the captain of the ship!

On our last night, we cruised down 30-A to Seaside to try out Great Southern.  Y'all, their cheese grits are just as good as they say they are.  This restaurant uses local produce and the best cheeses so everything takes so fresh and yummy.  A must try if you are down that way.

After dinner, we played in the big amphitheatre before we headed home.

Christen, Adeline, Maralee & Raleigh at Seaside

Maralee & Adeline with their Grandpa and Ganny

Me & Maralee

Watching airplanes fly by

Adeline and Grandpa, Maralee & Mommy

Adeline and her dad

The Ridley's and the Price's

Spending quality time with our families and each other was just what the doctor ordered.  Even though it has been hard getting back in the swing of things this week, I would do it again in a heartbeat!  Hey, maybe we can make this a new family tradition..... :)

Hope all of you had a fun 4th of July as well.  Do you have any great memories to share?  Comment below!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen