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IMG 8645 Top Posts of May 2011Do y’all ever have those weekends when you know you gotta get out of town? This past weekend was that weekend for us. After both getting sick late last week, Raleigh and I needed some fresh air. For that, we headed to the beach. It was just what the doctor ordered. Clear skies, warm breeze, and the sand between my toes. Aghhhh….


13 Months Old

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Baby proofing has become my new hobby around here.  We installed a gate at the top of the stairs.  Plug protectors have gone in all of the outlets.  Rubber bands are over the door handles.  Remotes are kept out of tiny arms length.  The whole house seems to be reorganized right now around the girls.  They are everywhere!  Being mobile means you never really have a moment alone (unless it’s nap time!).  I’ll set the girls down in the den and soon enough I here clomp, clomp, clomp as little hands and feet scoot around the corner to the kitchen...

Where Do We Go from Here?

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After the long two years of emotional upheaval, stress and physical examinations we were ready to quit! We had to walk away – no more doctors, no more pills, no more talking about getting pregnant. At this point Matt and I could really feel the strain this struggle was putting on our marriage. We had to stop focusing on this baby and start focusing on us. I’m almost positive that if the Lord had allowed us to become pregnant during any of that time, our marriage would have cracked under the pressure of the pregnancy and becoming parents...

Father’s Day Fun

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This post is for the dads out there.  I sure do hope y’all had a nice Father’s Day.  I love these kind of holidays; it is such a special time to celebrate with your loved ones.  There is something so special about being a parent.  I know, for me, being a mom has truly been a life-changing event.  As we celebrated our second round of Father/Mother’s Day; I realized just how fortunate we were to call ourselves mom and dad...

Dad’s Life: A Father’s Day Tribute

This hilarious Father’s Day video was played at our church yesterday. Here’s a little something special for all the Dad’s out there...

Also, these just went out at the tail end of the month but make sure you check out these posts by two of our phenomenal Guest Bloggers.

Summer Reading

Lauren has put together an excellent one stop reading list for your ENTIRE summer!

Spotlighting Terror Underground

Lacy helps get to the bottom of human trafficking and the horrible truths that lie within.

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