So, yesterday I did a little jig in my seat.  Oh, and I might have started singing.  I probably didn't look or sound too pretty but it made the girls laugh.  Want to know the reason I was so excited.  Because.......................our blog qualified for Parent's Magazine Best Blog Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Here's the low-down: Parent's Magazine is having a Best Blog Awards and has tons of different blogs to vote for in different categories.  Our blog is under the category for Best All-Around BlogVoting began in August and is going through mid-October.  To vote, all you have to do is click on the pretty bright pink Parents Button on the right hand corner of our website.  Please vote sweet blog readers!!!!!  Y'all are so good at showing the love :)

Also, you can share the link to vote for our site with your friends. 

It is:

Our blog is one of 220 blogs in this category.  Right now, the leading blog has 258 votes.  If all of you voted and then shared the link via facebook, twitter, work/friend e-mail addresses, I just know we could lead this thing!  Let's make this exciting competition go VIRAL!!!!!!

Seriously though, I just think it would be so cool if an Alabama, faith-based blog were to win.

Let's give God the glory and spread His name like nobody's business!!!!! 

Thank y'all so much, it truly means the world to us and is so humbling to be up for this award.

Go Vote!  Share it with your Friends!!!!!!  Thank You!!!!

Also, here's a little something just for giggles...

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen