We. Are. WALKING!!!!!  See Adeline & Maralee walk off their dinner below:

Wow.  Each day just gets a little more interesting around the Price house.  I have to say, it is so cute seeing them tot around.  Their first steps give me a whole new meaning to the word toddler.  I am so proud of Maralee for catching up to big sis.  They have so much fun playing with each other and taunting Lu Lu and Obi :)

Last weekend, the girls went to their first high school football game.  Raleigh's cousins had a game in Montgomery and we went to watch them play.  Despite the look on Adeline's face in this picture, they had so much fun!  The girls loved to stomp their feet on the bleachers and play with the pom-poms (future cheerleaders, maybe?).  They also loved the crushed ice and walking up and down the sidewalk during the game.  We made it through the whole game miraculously!!!!

Also, to keep us preoccupied, we have been having some play dates.  Here we are with our church play group:

We met some other twins that day that were also born at 27 weeks.  I had a kindred spirit with their momma :)  I LOVE meeting other NICU moms - even for just a second.  It is like we instantly relate to one another and have this appreciation for what we went through to love on our little ones.

Another day, we checked out the Museum of Art.  They had a whole section designed just for the little ones that was F-R-E-E.  Gotta love it.  They were still a bit young for some of the activities but they loved the new textures around them.  It was a great day for some stimulation!!!!

Just this past Tuesday, we went to the splashpad for the first time.  Y'all - it was fabulous.  The girls could walk around without getting hurt AND play in the water.  I wish we could have stayed longer.  We had so much fun with Ben and our new friend Brie :)

Maralee, 16 months old

Adeline, 16 months old

Sisters & friends. 

Adeline & Maralee


Cooling off seems to be the trend this past month.  I am so glad that we have water babies.  It has been neat to see their progression over the summer towards water.  In the beginning, they needed to be held more and were timid with the feeling of water and sand.  As summer has winded down, they have really matured in their comfort level towards the water.


Maralee getting wet!

Adeline loved playing with the ball

Maralee standing

At the beginning of this month, we went to the doctor for our 15 month check-up.  Adeline weighed 18.10 pounds and Maralee was 17.13 pounds.  They are pretty close in height - Adeline is a bit taller at 28 inches and Maralee is 27 3/4 inches.  We are still negative on the growth charts but only by 5 %.  I don't really mind at this point but it is nice to see that we are getting closer and closer to our developed size of full-term babies!!!!

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At our appointment, we got good news on both of the girls' ears; which was a relief.  I hated it when Maralee was so sick at the beginning of the summer.  He gave us the go-ahead for peanut butter and now I wondered what I gave them to eat before.  They will devour a PB & J before I even sit down for lunch.  It is the perfect sandwich to pack for nights at the church too.  We also talked a little bit about discipline.  Right now, the girls laugh when we tell them no....so we have begun to get sterner and have even done time out for a minute.  It is just so hard to keep them away from harmful things.  Why do we make electrical outlets and drawers at a babies' eye level?????  We finally installed some baby proof locks on the kitchen and bathroom drawers.  Trust me, they work because I can barely get them undone to get to what I need!!!!!

The girls love to follow me around.  Seriously, they are everywhere.  When I get ready, they always manage to get in my drawer that has my nail polish and lotion.  It is like girls just want girly things.  They  love to play with my makeup brushes too.  It will be fun one day to play dress up with them but right now it is more like extra clean up for me :)  I really don't mind on most days but sometimes I do get worn out and can hardly wait for Raleigh to get home for a break.

Adeline, Me, Maralee, & Raleigh at the Back to School  Bash at church

Even though they are little mischief makers right now, they are still as sweet as sugar.  Adeline has learned how to give us kisses.  I can't get enough!  Maralee will also come teeter-tottering into my arms, giving me a big grin and hug.  I love hearing them laugh and hate when they are sad.  Our girls are growing out of baby and into toddler.  With this comes sweet memories and new experiences.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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