Maralee & Adeline, 17 months old

We are toddlers now, that is for sure.  Everywhere we go, we walk.  We love our shoes and often bring them to mom and dad so we can wear them around the house.  We are little ladies, walking around with our lunch boxes on our arms and mommy's fingernail polish grasped in our tiny hands.  We love to help with the dishwasher and push around the mini vacuum cleaner (mommy can't wait until we are ready for big girl chores!).  We love to talk on the phone and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Saturday mornings.  We think that all of mom and dad's things are just the coolest and we hate to be left out when dessert is served.  Life of a toddler is full of wonder and discovery.

Unfortunately, it is also the phase of temper tantrums, clinginess, biting, and learning to share.  Oh, those days are tough on mommy and daddy.  We always look forward to naps and bed time on these special days.  Mom and Dad know that we are trying to communicate the best we can but sometimes they just don't understand what we are trying to tell them.  That's when we break out the tears.  Tears somehow get us what we want.  Not good for mom and dad....not good at all.

To our relief, those days come and go.  We love to giggle and play.  We still love meal time and have fun eating the yogurt out of the tube.  We try to give mommy some but she just rinses off our sticky hands.  We love the remote and the toilet paper holder.  Oh, and the toilet paper.  It's like a never-ending roll of fun.  We love dumping out everything in mommy's bag and finding a peanut butter cracker.  Why does she take it away?  We love Obi and Lu Lu and they make us laugh.  We love handing everything we find to our parents with an expression that says, "Look what I found, you want it?"

We both had a rash and fever recently.  It wasn't fun.  Mommy called our doctor and his nurse said it wasn't contagious and was probably viral.  The baby Benadryl makes us sleepy.  Thank goodness we are starting to feel better.  We think we weigh around 19 pounds - daddy is ready for us to switch into our big girl car seats but mommy keeps telling him to wait.  We are good car riders and love visiting our grandparents in Dothan.

We also love when Daddy plays with us.  He is so much fun.  Don't get us wrong, Mommy is fun, but Daddy is REALLY FUN!  He makes us laugh and he doesn't care as much if we get dirty or try to eat a stick.  He's cool like that, you know.

Being 17 months sure is great.  We are like grown-up babies.  Maybe that's why Mommy keeps kissing us and telling us to stop growing up so fast.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen