Have you ever had a friendship that was meant to be? I have.

When I was a freshman going through recruitment, I met a girl named Leslie and we bonded at first sight.  She greeted me in her tap shoes and a tuxedo jacket on skit day.  I was immediately captivated by her joy for life and engaging personality.  She was an AOII and I wanted to be her friend.

On Bid Day, she greeted me at the front steps of the AOII chapter room with a big hug and grin.  Soon, she became my big sister in the sorority.  She showed me around campus, helped me meet people, and even took me out to ice cream.  It was so easy to confide in Leslie and I was so thankful that God had placed this new person in my life during a season of firsts.

Life before a digital camera!!!!

As college progressed, Leslie really did become my big sister.  When we both wore our hair curly, people would tell us that we looked alike (even though she is much prettier than I!).  Leslie drove me to my Camp War Eagle interview and was jumping up and down next to me when my name was called out at Cater Hall.  AOII brought us together as sisters and friends.

After Leslie graduated from Auburn, we still kept in touch.  We even got engaged on the same weekend.

In the years after school, we stood by one another as we got married.

At my bridesmaids luncheon

We all know that after marriage comes baby.  Leslie and her husband moved up north for a couple of years so we weren't able to visit each other during this time but we still kept in touch.  She was there for me when the girls were born so early and I love seeing pictures of her little man.  Recently, her family moved back to the South and we scheduled an afternoon together in Auburn.  Her son was in school, but she got the chance to meet our girls for the first time.  We had so much fun playing together on Samford Lawn and reminiscing about old times.

So fun!

What I love about my friendship with Leslie is that it picks up right where it left off. The conversation isn't awkward, it's an easy ebb and flow.  I believe that true friends are worth holding on to and it is an effort made on each end.  I am so grateful that we got the chance to see each other in person.  It was such a nice day and reminded me of the sweet joys of friendship.

Hope you get a chance to catch up with old friends too!

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Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen