I finished reading No Longer a Slumdog a month or so ago.  To say that it is a wonderful read is an understatement.  So worth the read!

The book sparked an interest in this ministry. Gospel for Asia strives to spread the gospel to the ends of Asia and beyond.  It is absolutely amazing to hear about the personal stories of the lives they have changed through this hands on ministry.

 Sometimes, I get discouraged before I even begin to tackle a task.  Can you relate?  There are times that I feel that I'll only fail or that my attempts won't make a bit of a difference.  Let me share a story with those of you out there who, like me, are terribly aware of this feeling.  (By the way, we are mistakened.)

"In some parts of the world,

when the tide comes in from

the ocean, it brings with it

thousands of starfish.  Then the tide

recedes and leaves thousands

of them behind on the shore.

Many of these starfish cannot

make it back to the safety of the water

before the sun comes up and dries

them out.

A man was walking along the shore

one day and witnessed this sight.

He stared at all the starfish,

saddened that so many

would die.

Then he saw a young boy walking

in the other direction.

The lad would stop and

pick up a starfish and throw

it into the ocean.  He

continued to do this, picking

up one after the other

and throwing them back

into the water.

'Why are you doing that?'

the man asked the boy.

"Don't you realize there

are miles and miles

of shore?  You're

wasting your time.

You'll never make a


The boy simply

picked up another starfish

and hurled it back into the

ocean.  As it landed, he said,

'I made a difference for that one.'

Like the young boy, we cannot

save them all.  But you and I can

make a difference.  Let's not

let what we can't do stop us

from doing what we can do."

(An excerpt from No Longer a Slumdog)

 That inspiring tale reminds me of this verse:

"I tell you the truth

unless you change and

become like little children,

you will never enter

the kingdom of heaven."

Matthew 18:3

I hope my outlook on life can be like that of a child; to have their eyes and see as they do.

It's so easy to be like the old man in the story above and think, "What can I do to make a difference?"  It could be extremely daunting to think of the miles upon miles that stretch across Asia and believe that your efforts could alter a life in a positive way.  But they can!  Your kindess can and will span the distance and reach those that need it most!  You can make a difference.


Gospel for Asia has made it easy for us to support the people in this area.  There are many ways in which you CAN change lives.


Maybe I am gearing up for this too soon!  Nah!  It's never too early to start planning for the Christmas season.  Never too soon to reach out and help others.  In fact, there is really no need to wait until the 12th month.  The 9th is good for giving too! 

Reaching the most unreached

Gospel for Asia

I guess I say Christmas, because during the holiday season, a magazine is sent out that includes items people can purchase for those in need in Asia.  Some of the items include: rickshaws, water filters, sewing machines, and chickens.  Your gift will help to show Christ to the people in Asia.  You can also access their site to sponsor a child, volunteer, or sponsor a missionary.  It is coined the "Season for Giving."

How incredible is it to think that you can gift someone with an item or an animal that can sustain them long term?  Things that we take for granted or wouldn't give a second glance, are the things that would greatly benefit them.  It would be an honor for you to be a part of their story as they create a better life for themselves through your giving.

"From everyone who

has been given much, much

will be required."

Luke 12:48

If you haven't already, click here to get your FREE copy of No Longer a Slumdog!  What's there to lose?  It's free!  Plus, did I mention that...it's grrrreat!