Imagine being persecuted because of your belief in God.  Following God may mean that you are going to find yourself up against difficult trials.  He didn't promise it would be easy.  In fact, He told us we would fall on hard times.  You may expect or  understand people you don't know turning their backs on you.  For me, it's hard to fathom that your family would deny you because of your faith. 

"Blessed are you when

people insult you and

falsely say all

kinds of evil against

you because of me."

-Matthew 5:11

But that is just what happened to Devak Moganti in South Asia.  Devak is being used by God in a mighty way.  Devak lives in a village where Christianity is shunned.  Devak was a follower of the religion in their village until he was approached by the people with the Gospel for Asia.  Through their ministry, Devak learned about the Word of God.  His family was angry with his decision to follow Christ.

Devak's family started to notice a change in his overall demeanor.  His positive energy was contagious and spread throughout his home.  This new follower's family began to soften.  Their hearts started to welcome the gospel.  (I get chills writing that.)



Through the Gospel of Asia, Devak received a rickshaw!  Because of this gift, Devak is able to provide for his ailing parents, benefit those in his village, and share the good news with others!  Check out his full story here.


"Remember the words

I spoke to you. 'No servant is

greater than his master.' If they

persecuted me, they will persecute

you also.  If they obeyed my

teaching, they will obey

yours also.  They will

treat you this way because

of my name, for they do

not know the One who sent me."

-John 15:20-21


Reading his story really is convicting.  I feel God inviting me to share His name with others.  Devak's journey is so inspiring. 

Randomly, (or not so randomly) I felt God urging me to read the book of Isaiah.  I didn't understand why until I started reading.  And the verses just seemed to bounce off the page and into a place in my heart that definitely needed reassurance, boundless amount of confidence, and growth.  This verse jumped from the pages!


"You women who are

so complacent,

rise up and listen

to me; you

daughters who feel

secure, hear what

I have to say!

In little more than a year

you who feel secure will tremble;

the grape harvest will fail,

and the harvest will not come.

Tremble you complacent women;

shudder, you daughters who

feel secure!"

-Isaiah 32:9-11

Those verses in Isaiah hold a lot of discussion.  But to me, with regard to this post, it is saying, "Don't be so settled in your ways, that you get too comfortable.  Be courageous!  Make a move!"  I feel that it is time for us, as women, to step out, and step up to the plate!  To take part in spreading the gospel!  I am definitely speaking to myself here. 

"Go into all the world

and spread the good

news to all creation."

-Mark 16:15

It's just amazing how God works.  God is using Devak to "spread the good news."  He wants to use us too!

A rickshaw is helping Devak and his village in South Asia in so many ways.  There are many other ways in which you can support them during this season of giving.  You can access Gospel of Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog here.

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