Okay, time for some confessions. I watch Modern Family. (and I've also watched four seasons of The Hills on Netflix.  Yep, I sure have.)

I could do a whole post about why Christians should filter their television shows but that is for another day.  Because I do have thoughts on that.

But, today, I want to talk about Julie Bowen's character Claire.

How I can be so much like her.  On one of the first episodes of this season, her family was making fun of her need to be right.  Her reply was simply:

*Sweetheart, I would love to be wrong, but I don't live with the right people for that.

I couldn't help but relate.  In my world, so much is viewed from a right or wrong perspective.  If I'm wrong, I feel like I did something bad.  That feeling leads to Guilt which festers into Shame which causes me to lose my confidence and hide in a dark closet with chocolate ice cream.  It's a yucky spiral effect.  And as much as I would love to admit that I was wrong, one thing...one very big thing holds me back.  It's my Pride.

My Pride hates to admit that I'm wrong. 

It means that I am not perfect.  That my carefully-crafted plan for my life has flaws and bumps in it.  When I'm wrong, life begins to get out from under me and I lose Control.  Like Reagan when her birth plan went to shreds on this week's episode of "Up All Night" (Yep, seen every episode so far).

I think one thing that women in particular struggle with is our need for Control (Truth #21).  To have a plan and everything go accordingly.  Boy, have I had some battles with Control over the years.  Holding on to Control is like giving myself a death grip.  That isn't so fun.

What if we said goodbye to Control?  Let is go?  What would life be like if we weren't controlling it?

It would be a life steered by Christ.

An act of Submittance.  A show of Faith.  Walking down the road of Trust.

Living a life steered by Christ would give us Freedom from being right all the time.  It takes away our ambitious Pride and admits that we have faults and are wrong (occasionally :)).  It replaces our grip on Control and provides us with a Hand to hold.  A Hand that gives us Free Will and Choices.  The more we hold on to that Hand, the more the Spirit dwells within us - guiding and directing our every move instead of us relying only on our human strengths of problem-solving.

To live a life filled with Truth, we have to give up Control.  We have to admit that we aren't always right.  And that's totally okay because then we begin to show others how to live truthful lives.  We are transformed into honest, authentic men and women that live life simply by Christ.

Can y'all believe we only have 10 more days of Truth telling?  Of course, more truth will be told after this but the series will be complete :)  Have y'all liked it so far?  Is there a topic of "truth" that you are interested in me talking about?  I would love to have some feedback as we approach the final stretch of this series.  Thanks!!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen


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