I love Fridays.  So much, that I thought I would do a give-away!!  (I'm singing "Woop, There It Is" in my head if anybody wants to join in)  Tommee Tippee is giving away three 5oz Closer to Nature bottles for one lucky reader of The Uncontainable Truth.  These bottles are a $20 value in stores and would be great for a newborn or as a baby shower gift.

Here's the scoop on how to enter in the giveaway:

Just go to Tommee Tippee's website to view their free, digital storybook, The Day the Baby Was Born.

Come back here and leave a comment about something that you liked about the storybook. 

If you actually sign-up for the storybook (if you are preggers I don't see why you wouldn't) you can leave two comments, increasing your chances of winning.

It's that simple.  The giveaway will last until October 30th and we will announce the winner on October 31st. 

So, leave some comments people!!!!

Also, I wanted to share with y'all some new items on our shop that are great for celebrating the fall:

Ghirly Ghost Applique

Maralee & Adeline

Witch Boots & Monogram

Before I leave y'all today, I have to share my Truth #7: I was nervous to start an Etsy shop.  Raleigh and I had been going round and round for months trying to decide if we should start a shop.  I was nervous about the time commitment and additional work on both of us.  But, to tell y'all the truth, I am so happy that we ended up just going for it.   It has been really rewarding so far to have some of you purchase items from the shop.  Thank you!  Besides the profit, we both just really enjoy creating.  It is fun to make "nothing into something" and then have people actually like it enough to purchase it.  So, really, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with this new endeavor. :)

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

Truth #1 – The Truth

Truth #2 – I hate laundry

Truth #3 – I’m bad at memorization

Truth #4 – My dogs drive me crazy

Truth #5 – I’m scared at getting in trouble

Truth #6 - I struggle at being a mom