I love how God works.  He wants us to know him and once he knows that we made the choice to want to know him back, his Truth is revealed to us in such beauty.  I find that when I am digging deeper into a certain subject, that subject begins to appear all around me.  With this month's series on 31 Days of Truth, I keep finding statements about Truth popping up all over the place.  Just the other morning I was running a little late and decided to read a devotional that Raleigh keeps in our room.  I just flipped it open randomly and the page I landed on was, "To Tell the Truth."  I just smiled at God and sweetly whispered thank you as I dug in to the passage.  Today, I'd like to share it with all of you:

Speak the truth to one another.

Ephesians 4:25 TJB

*Are you in a dilemma, wondering if you should tell the truth or not?  The question to ask in such moments is, Will God bless my deceit?  Will he, who hates lies, bless a strategy built on lies?  Will the Lord, who loves the truth, bless the business of falsehoods?  Will God honor the career of the manipulator?.....I don't think so either.

Examine your heart.  Ask yourself some tough questions.

Am I being completely honest with my spouse and children?  Are my relationships marked by candor?  What about my work or school environment?  Am I honest in my dealings?  Am I a trustworthy student?  An honest taxpayer?....

Do you tell the truth...always?

If not, start today.  Don't wait until tomorrow.  The ripple of today's lie is tomorrow's wave and next year's flood.

Reading that, it made me think about where we are going into this week of truth telling.  When I started the series, I decided to rip off my well-groomed mask and show y'all some ugly truths.  Boy, were they not pretty.  Then, to make sure that y'all still found me fun and not so dreary, I threw in some truths during week two that were a little more upbeat.  Because, life is an ebb and flow.  Up and down.  Joy and sadness.

But, now that we are on week three, I got to thinking about what the opposite of truth is - lies.  When we aren't being truthful, we are lying - like the author said in the passage above.  We are lying to those around us and even lying to God.  Do we really think he is going to bless us while we are being deceitful?  No, he's not.  So, this week I want us to be brave and continue to share the truth in an effort to not be false.  Because, like Emily says in Grace for the Good Girl, when we are false we are hiding behind a mask.  We aren't being who God made us to be.  God didn't make us to be liars.  He made us to spread his truth to others.

One thing that I must be honest with all of you about is my definition of success (Truth #15).  Right now, I am just getting brave enough to call myself a writer and actually tell people that I meet about my blog.  I've been too shy to do that in the past but now I see the blog as the start of my ministry.  I love this place and the people that come visit us each day.  I love to meet y'all in person; it's always so cute for you to say before we even begin a conversation, "I read your blog."  I am so humbled in that moment that all I can say is thank you.  Because, I mean it.  Without our readers, this would just be a documentation for my family (which is wonderful) but now it has actually become a way for me to encourage others in their walk with Christ.

What an honor. 

It has made me want more. 

And, that is the part I struggle with.  Wanting more for this ministry through writing, speaking, and encouraging yet still being truthful and keeping Christ the center of it all.  There is one verse in the Bible that says, "He who speaks on his own does so to gain honor for himself, but he who works for the honor of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him" (John 7:18).  I so desire to be a woman of truth, to be Christ's disciple spreading his name across the nation.  What I have come to realize since I went to the She Speaks conference this past July is this: I already am. 

Just because I haven't written a book or spoken in front of massive audiences doesn't mean that I'm not successful.  Life isn't measured by always wanting more.  That doesn't mean that I might not get that opportunity one day (which would be AWESOME!) but for me to realize that God has already given me a platform to share to an audience makes me take this job seriously. No more lies about the measure of my success.  As the verse said at the beginning, I want to speak the truth to each of you and do my best to keep my mask off.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

*Passage taken from Just like Jesus, pg. 284, Grace for the Moment.  Lucado, Max.

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