Good Morning Sweet Potatoes! Hope y'all have had a nice weekend so far.  I'm currently typing this post in socks and a long-sleeved tee...we have gotten cool weather this weekend in Alabama and it feels SO GREAT!!!!  Hope y'all get some time today to enjoy the sunshine and breeze :)






Okay, so here is my #2 Truth that I wanted to share with y'all: I hate laundry (if you are wondering what I'm talking about, click here to view my new series, 31 days of Truth).  Not so much the washing and drying of the clothes, but the ironing.  Boy, oh boy it creeps up on me.  It's bad news people. Below is a little video that gives you an idea of how bad my house can get:

Can't believe I just put that on the Internet but I hope it makes some of you feel a little bit better about your own homes.  Now, if I am being completely truthful, I did clean all of that up after I took the video.  Honestly, my dressing area gets that way in the morning when the girls are helping me "get ready" and I usually have to clean it up once they go down for a nap.  I have tripped over those items too many times to just leave them there.  But, I do feel like any time I pick up my house they just come through like a tornado and get everything back out again.  I struggle with that...I mean, what's the point of picking up if it's just gonna get messed up?  Keeping a clean house is something that I want to talk more about over this month of truth.  Until then, maybe I will go do some ironing.  Or, maybe not....  we will see :)

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

Day 1 - The Truth