So, we had an embarrassing moment yesterday. We were at the pediatrician's office for the girls' 18 month old check-up.  As our doctor was discussing the importance of the family table, the girls were digging through my purse and into everything.  First, the wallet came out.  Then the sunglasses.  The juice.  The snacks.  I kept putting things back into my purse, trying to keep eye-contact with our doctor.  All of a sudden he said, "She's got something there."  I look down and Adeline has unwrapped a tampon and looking at it all funny.  Embarrassed, all I could do was laugh.

That's 18 months for ya.

In. To. Every. Thing....All. The. Time.

Adeline and Maralee, 18 months old

Seriously y'all, why didn't anyone warn me?  We are so out of baby land these days and full force into the swing of toddler-hood.  If I had a tough time keeping the house clean before, you better believe it doesn't stay clean now.  I try.  I really do.  But, it just ain't happenin' ('scuse my language!).

Even though I am at my wit's end some days with toys everywhere, it has been a fun month.  The girls actually like to mimic cleaning.  They love the broom and taking a wipe/rag and rubbing the coffee table.  I tell folks that it means that they actually do see mama trying to clean. :)  Besides cleaning, they love music.  Maralee does a side-to-side bop that is pretty darn cute.  Adeline will drop it to the floor.  Here's a little video:

I've also realized that both girls are hoarders.  Adeline likes to collect bags.  She will walk around with three different bags - a lunchbox, a purse, or her bookbag.  Such a little lady.  Maralee will hold on to a piece of bread for hours and it just drives Lu Lu crazy.  The other night at the fall festival we let them try suckers.  Whoa.  Let me tell you those girls would not let go of those things for the life of them.  At one point, Maralee had two different suckers in her mouth and Adeline's had grass on it.  Hot messes, for sure.

 Thing 1 (Adeline) and her sucker

Thing 2 (Maralee)

Adeline holding up her finger for Thing 1

They are both still extremely good eaters.  A couple of weeks ago, some of our friends got together to watch a ball game and eat.  I swear, our girls ate their food, plus the leftovers from their friends' plates, and a second portion when the adults sat down to eat.  It's like they have a never-ending appetite.  Adeline weighs 21 pounds and Maralee weighs 19.18 pounds.  Both girls are around 30 inches in height.  For the first time EVER, Adeline is actually in the white zone (not the negative) on the growth charts.  She is in the 8% for her age.  That's an accomplishment for us!  Once Maralee gains a little more weight, she should be there too!  How far we have come in 18 months!

 Best Friends!

I smell trouble with these four!

We love our church friends even though Maralee is crying in this picture :)

Our speech is still being developed.  So far, our favorite words are momma, da-da, ball, dog, and shoes with a lot of jibber in between.  Our doctor said that for their age/prematurity that we are doing good with words and more will come as they develop.  We might have to do speech when they get older but only time will tell.  They are also sleeping good overall but lately they have had some night-terrors.  Poor babies.  It was real bad for a week straight - Raleigh and I would take turns with them - but one night they were both just so scared that we ended up bringing them downstairs to sleep in our bed.  It was sweet at first but those girls sure do wiggle!  They got a good night's sleep but neither of us did.  Oh, well :)

Our little lambs this time last year

So grown up this year for Bible dress-up day at school!

This month, the girls got to go to their first Auburn game.  We went last weekend for the Ole Miss game and they did great.  Raleigh and I set very low expectations going in to it.  We figured it was a pretty day and we could walk around campus and then buy tickets if they were acting okay.  My brother ended up hanging out with us and we had the best time.  It was fun not having a tailgate and just walking around.  We went and took pictures at Samford, saw the pitiful Toomer's corner trees, went to Tiger Walk, and then ate dinner at the new basketball arena.   We bought tickets at a great price for the five of us and stayed until the end of the third quarter.   We couldn't have asked for a better day.

1st Auburn Game!  Maralee, Raleigh, Adeline & Me

October 29, 2011 - AU vs. Ole Miss

Uncle Courts was a HUGE help!

It's been a fun memory-making month for us.  The girls are constantly making us smile.  They are so active these days and it's so fun to watch them as they experience new things.  It's like you see the light coming from their eyes and it makes you feel so good too.  I think that's one of the best parts about being a parent.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen