We have so much for which to be so very thankful! 

If you haven't read her book, you should! ;)  It's a book that really reinforces the idea that even in the ugliest of moments, that there is extreme beauty!  We just have to actively choose to seek the splendor.  One of the things that she encourages is recording your joys.  What a blessing in itself; transforming your outlook as you put pen to paper.

Some things that have brought me J*O*Y recently!


Our Uganda Adoption

      Happy, happy daddy! This one makes me smile! 

Mama jumping for joy!




God's complete involvement

Silly Sock Feet

Traveling to visit friends and family

AU tailgating

One of the most wonderful men in the world!


Sweet nothings

Lunch with Husband

Operation Christmas Child

(and the sweet friend that did an amazing job with OCC this year)


Safety during the past week's weather

View from our backyard.  Thanks instagram!


                       Time with loved ones rarely seen



                        Orphan Sunday at church




         Warm cups of Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider


Words can't explain this...


Some of my favorite people


Hands warming on a bowl of rice and broccoli

Car rides

Rainy days

Healthy four legged babies


View in my rear view mirror.

Friends that are seeking His face


Warm smiles

Sunny days

Lazy mornings

Other adoptive families' support and love

Smells of Thanksgiving


I hope you'll start to jot down your joys too!