I am sure you’ve heard the saying that “Everything happens in God’s time,” or the one that says “God has a time and plan for everyone.” Over the past year we have learned that to be so true. Exactly one year ago today KC and I were attending a shower for Brad and Rachel Goode after our Sunday service at church. It was a baby shower for their new daughter, Amelia, who they hadn’t even met yet. It was a great time for all. They received plenty of gifts and could feel that everyone there had so much love and support for them.

Little did KC and I know that, that exact same day, November 14, 2010, halfway around the world our new little miracle was being born! Exactly one year ago today, while we were celebrating the adoption of a new baby into a family, our baby was being born.

Every time I say or think about that I get chills. How cool is that? I know some people would just say that, that was a coincidence, but I believe that God does little things like that to remind us that he is still in control. He controls it all. From the time we take our first breath until the time that we take our last.

Have you ever had any situations where the timing lined up perfectly? Looking back I can see several of them that occurred for us, especially in the adoption process. The timing all worked out so perfectly.

Even though during that time it was one of the most difficult things that we had to deal with, and we quickly realized that there was nothing we could do about it. That thing that I keep referencing is – God’s time table.

I know, it sounds bad saying it, but it was so hard! I am a 100% control freak. I like to be the one calling the shots, when something will happen and when something won’t happen. I also wanted to be the one who decided when we would receive good news and when we would receive no news. Ha! I learned very quickly during the adoption process that it was something that I had to let go of. I didn’t have to be the one trying to hold it all together. It was all going to happen in God’s timing… and it has. It has happened and neither KC nor I could have ever imagined that it would play out so wonderfully.

God really did touch our lives. We had situations thrown at us that most 26 year olds would have buckled under. We had family members turn their backs on us; we ran out of money; I lost my job; and yet through it all we stayed focused on God and his timing and because of that we got to celebrate an awesome first birthday yesterday afternoon.

So if you are having one of those moments that you feel like everything is running off course, if you feel like you have lost control of the reigns and you don’t know how to get it all back together and on track – from one control freak to another, pray about it and ask for help. It does work, just have faith.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:” - Ecclesiastes 3:1


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I can’t let the moment go by without saying:


Your life has brought so much joy to your mommy and daddy and you will never know how much we love you!