Happy Last Friday of the Year!!!! I don't know about y'all but I am pumped to start 2012.  I not usually a big resolution person but I've got a couple of things that I would like to start doing.  I got 1,000 Gifts for Christmas and think I might start my own list....I'll keep y'all updated.  Anywho, I have SO enjoyed sharing memories with all of you this past year...so much that I thought I would re-share some of my favorites today!  Below are 12 of my favorite posts from this past year...they are in no particular order and each one holds a special place in my thoughts.  Have fun looking over them - share them, tweet them, facebook them - or just take them in for yourself...whatever your sweet little heart desires.  Thank you, seriously, for coming to this little place in the big land of internet world every day...it truly humbles my heart.

2012, Here We Come!!!!!!!!

But first, a look back at 2011:

Happy 1st Birthday Adeline & Maralee!

When It Comes To Families

Truth #6

I'm A Tri-Athlete!

The Last Days of Summer

Twins 1st Trip to the Peanut Festival

He is Jealous for Me

The Diaper Bandit


Investments for Life

Banana Pancakes

I Want to Know You More

Till 2012, Let your light shine!

Blessings, christen


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