Another Christmas has come and gone.  A tree once full of life is now bending slightly, needles falling to the ground.  The  wrapped presents have all been opened leaving a trash can full to the brim with the beautifully crafted paper.  Leftovers have been divided among family members all going their separate ways.  Even though Christmas has come and gone, one thing still remains:

The gift of Jesus Christ.

The One who was born on that eve so long, long, ago.  A baby, cradled by his virgin mother, has come to be among us.  With rejoicing and praise, we celebrate his birthday. Now we must continue to live our days with that same fullness bubbling inside of our chests.  That same feeling of gratitude that can't be filled by the presents under the tree.  We give thanks that a simple birth which happened in an unclean manger can bring forth peace and joy.  His birth gathers those dearest and reminds us that all we need in this world is love.


I must admit that my own selfish heart easily forgot the gift that means the most this year.  Led by anxious thoughts, ingratitude, and unpleasant desires, my heart was not open to this wonderful season of love and laughter.  Thank goodness I had loved ones that gently reminded me of all that I have.  A full life; one that has only just begun to recognize how much I truly need Jesus.

The Giver.  The Friend.  The One in which I can remain.

This Christmas, I learned an important lesson: put my expectations in Jesus' hands.  He's the only one that can live up to what I believe should be true.

Realizing this simple truth, my eyes became open to all that He has given me on this wonderful day of the year.

Below is a small picture of the beauty of the season:

What gift were you given this Christmas that taught you about Jesus' love?

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Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen