Is is Monday already?

Lately, I've been hearing a lot about mission statements.  How not only businesses, but families should have a mission statement.  To keep each other accountable.  To remember what is most important in life.  To have a goal to strive for in our actions, our thoughts, and our lives.

Raleigh and I are currently working on a mission statement for our family.  I'm a huge fan of mission statements.  You might not be aware, but we came up with a mission statement for this blog back when it began.  It is:

To joyfully encourage each other to seek the truth spoken by Jesus Christ and to become an uncontainable light humbly serving our world

You can find more about it here on our About page (located under the Home tab).

I also created a mission statement for myself while I was pregnant with the girls.  I was going through a women's leadership course at my church and it has been a constant reminder to me about my purpose in life.  It is:

To be a woman of noble character by seeking Christ,

serving my family,


spreading God's Truth to others

It's simple.  It's what I strive to do. In many ways, my own mission statement and the mission of our blog are braided together.  One of the biggest ways that I spread God's truth is through this space.  We are all truth-seekers, those of us that visit here, truth-seekers needing a spot to rest, to receive joy, to find a match to re-ignite our flame. 

I've been thinking lately about my goals to carry out these mission statements.  To be honest, I think about it a lot.  I can't help it. Blame it on the Type-A, I guess. :)

But, really.  I love sharing about Jesus and YOU are the reason I keep coming here I can share the truth that I have found.

The Uncontainable Truth.

Yes, it's true.

Might I share a bit more with you?  I believe that another way for me to live by these mission statements is to speak to you face to face. 

To say hello, to give a mighty bear-hug, to look into your eyes and offer a sympathetic hand that says, "Girl, I understand."

I'm putting myself out there.  To be not only a writer, but also a speaker of God's truth.  I believe it is part of my spiritual gift and I'd like to share it any way that I can.  It might be in a youth small group or a women's ministry event at your church.  Or, maybe you are in a sorority or part of a college faith-based organization and need a speaker for your meeting.  You could be in a mommy play group or a young adult organization.  Your business might need someone to come in and encourage your employees. 

Wherever you dwell, I'd love to be offered an invitation to drop by and say hello. 

Below is a marketing sheet that my talented husband has created for me. It is located under our Come + Together/Events page which also lists several topics that I am prepared to speak about. If you don't mind passing this information along to one (or more) groups that you are involved in, I sure would appreciate it.  To take one step further, do you mind e-mailing me so I can follow up?  I promise not to overstep, I would just like to know places of interest.

I've also got a video of me sharing our family's story.  Feel free to send this as well:

Friends, might we join hands and spread God's truth together?  Isn't that what community is all about - helping one another? 

Question: What are your thoughts on creating a mission statement for your family/yourself?  If you already have a mission statement, what is it?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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