Y'all know how much I love talking about my girls.  Every day is a miracle with them but sometimes it is hard to remember that between the dirty diapers, food on the floor, and a house that looks like twin tornadoes came through.  Some days I am just tired and need a break.  I remember begging God for days like these when they were in the NICU.  All I wanted was for my babies to be healthy and at home with us.  Through that roller coaster ride, God taught me so much about submitting control to Him and the power of prayer.  I learned what it truly meant to have faith - that no matter what the outcome would be, that I believed in His power. Well, for those of you that are familiar with the Gill family that live here in Montgomery, you know that they have been on their own roller coaster ride this past year.  Their sweet little girl Karlie has been at Children's Hospital recovering from a kidney failure and she has finally come home after a very long stay.

Her mother recently posted this on their Facebook page:

3 mths ago today we were at our local hospital thinking Karlie had salmonella and thinking she was just going to get IV fluids for dehydration and feel better after that. Little did we know what we had ahead of us. Imagine if you were in our shoes thinking your little one is just going to be in the hospital for 1-2 days and then go home with everything back to the way it was.
Well the Lord had bigger plans and since then our lives will NEVER be back to the way it was. I am forever changed and so is my family, friends and even strangers we have never met. My faith is indescribably stronger now than it ever has been. We have witnessed a miracle in front of our very own eyes more than once during this journey. I will never doubt the presence of the Lord, for I know he is ALWAYS with me because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you,"Hebrew 13:5. I have had so many people say," I couldn't imagine what you are going through", or "I don't know how you have been so strong during this."
Well I probably would have said the same thing before this all happened too. I will have to admit when she first got sick I was trying to be in the drivers seat and still be in control, but God spoke to me many times saying, "Be still and KNOW that I am GOD," Psalm 46:10. When me and Jason both realized we couldn't do anything to help our baby girl we both surrendered completely and let go and let God have her. It was then the Holy Spirit took over and carried us through each second of every day and continues to do so. He has given us so much strength I never knew we possibly could have. Karlie amazes me everyday and will always be my hero. For everything she has been through she has always been able to bounce right back to her spunky self every time. Thank the Lord!
I see God everyday by just looking at her angelic face and feeling her heart beat and watching her breath. I praise God and always will for giving her back to us and for EVERYTHING he has done for her. I know her kidneys are only working about 30% and have been told they "may never fully recover and she may outgrow them and need dialysis and a transplant in a couple of years", and that she has another major surgery ahead of her to reverse her colostomy, but I also know what ALL my God has done for her and I am still BELIEVING He is going to completely heal her kidneys and intestines in His time! Everything is possible to the one who believes, Mark 9:23.
I just want to thank you ALL for joining us in prayer. I praise God for all of you and hope each of you have grown closer to the Lord seeing all the miraculous things He has performed on our little girl and how He has ministered to so many people through her sickness. I am so in love with my God and will FOREVER be changed. Remember to cherish EVERY moment!!!!! Each and every moment I have with my family now will always be more and more precious to me! Please continue to praise and pray for Karlie bc we all know how powerful prayer is.

Her family also made a video that follows Karlie's journey:

Friends, it brings tears to my eyes thinking about how many people have lifted this family up in prayers.  What a difference those prayers have truly made!  I am rejoicing today with all of you...thank you God for your healing power!

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Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen