This past Sunday, we had so much fun celebrating Adeline and Maralee's 2nd Birthday!  We went all out girly with a tu-tu theme.  Aren't they tutu cute?

We were so happy that our family could come and help us celebrate!

And all of our wonderful friends too!

April in Alabama already feels like August!  Thank goodness we had cold refreshments and lots of sugar to keep up our energy! Adeline and Maralee's daddy out did himself by making tons of super cute printables :)  And, I had tutu much fun making the food (and eating it too)!

Our dance teacher, Ms. Stacie, came and got the party-goers up on their feet!  We had so much fun dancing and twirling to the music.

After dancing, we finally got to dig into that birthday cake!  When we cut into it, the girls got a surprise...

Before we knew it, it was time for our hot-faced, sugar-induced, tu-tu wearin' guests to leave.  We all had so much fun!

And the girls got to open their presents!  Boy, was that a treat.

Whew-ee, what a day!

Happy 2nd Birthday Adeline & Maralee!  We love you!!!!!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

Vendor Credits:

Printables: Nothing2Something

Pictures: JW Godwin & Granddaddy Price

Mint Sugar Cookies: Liger's Bakery

Food: Adeline & Maralee's Momma

Candles: Shop Sweet Lu Lu

Polka-Dot Balloons & Gumballs: Polka Dot Market

Plates & Napkins: Target

Color-Splashed Wrapping Paper: Swoozie's

Tu-Tu's: Mudpie

2 Birthday Candle Applique: Planet Applique

Party Inspiration: TomKat Studio