[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his past weekend, something happened to my iPhone that caused it to die. The battery wouldn't stay charged and it could do nothing. We took it to our cell phone carrier and they confirmed that my phone was in fact, kaputt. After some phone calls, a new one was soon ordered and on its way. My new iPhone arrived on Tuesday but until it came to me, I had no communication source for myself. As I spent the rest of the weekend and the beginning of this week with no phone, I realized just how much I depended on this device. My friends/family couldn't text me and I didn't have most of their phone numbers memorized to call them myself. I didn't have my calendar to remind me to wish a friend happy birthday or to look up what I had scheduled for later this week. The girls and I visited a friend and we had no voice navigation to get us to our location. Even though my mom lent me her phone when I needed it, I was grateful to finally get my phone back on Tuesday!

Even though I had to live life with no phone for four days, I found myself actually enjoying being unplugged from work, social media, and contacts. During this time, I got to interact with my children without the buzzing of a new message to distract me. My husband and I read books instead of Facebook updates and I met a new friend in person instead of on Twitter. As much as I enjoy my phone and all of its' amazing features, I enjoy spending my time with the real people in front of me most. Getting to rest for a few days without all of the technological stimulation was really great for me and my family.

Over the course of the summer, I have gently heard God telling me to rest and trust in him. In the midst of moving, working, traveling, and mothering, my life is a constant scattering of movement. When things happen like my phone dying, it throws a kink in my juggling system. Once one ball falls from the air, it gets harder to keep throwing the others. Things that I depend on: my phone, my car, my home...all these things are just that: things. They will break, die, and fall apart. We can depend on them to an extent of usefulness but depending on them to always function just sets us up for panic and disaster.

The only true thing in life that we can depend on is God.

[pullquote_left]God is always the same and he will never change. He will never break, die, or fall apart[/pullquote_left]God is always the same and he will never change. He will never break, die, or fall apart. He will stay strong, eternal, and a solid rock for us to stand on. As he watches us juggle all that we do on this earth, he gently asks us to stop focusing on the balls in the air and start focusing on him.

You are probably thinking, "Well, that's easier said than done, Christen."

And my simple response is, "Yes, that's true."

I am a master juggler. I get annoyed when people can't keep up with my mad skills. My drive for perfection keeps those balls going out of one hand, into the air, and caught with the other hand. But, when a ball falls, I lose my focus. My eyes dart to the ground instead of keeping the rhythm. Beads of sweat prop up my brow and hot tears furiously spring up in my eyes. I try to stay calm and in control but panic instead rises in my chest and I feel all alone in my quest to keep the balls in the air.

My dependency on self is greater in this moment than my dependency on God.

So, as hard as it is to give up my juggling act and dependency on technology, I've got to do it. The only way I will truly find rest from this busy life is to trust God.

Think of it this way: If we lived life dependent on God we would find ourselves:

  • [pluslist]-Praying over our commitments instead of automatically adding a new event to our calendars
  • -Reading scripture becomes text messages sent directly to our souls
  • -Directly conversing with our Facebook friends instead of being jealous of their latest status update
  • -Taking real time off to rejuvenate instead of checking e-mail[/pluslist]

I know we live in a fast-paced world where we are all just trying to keep up. But, the only true way to live this life completely is to depend on the One that will never stop working.

[quote]Question: What are the things that you are dependent on instead of God?[/quote]

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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