Fellow truth-seekers, Y'all have been on my heart and mind lately. I see your faces in so many places. For instance, I saw a young mother with tears in her eyes as she left her child for the first time at daycare. I heard the frustration in another mother's voice as she shared how tough parenting has been lately. I saw a young couple announce their engagement on Facebook and their joy was literally jumping out of the page. I see you in the car pool line, in the office, and driving down the road.

You and I might not ever meet in person. Or, you could be one of my best friends that I so love to hug. Whoever you are, you have made an impact on my life. Tremendously. Words can not describe the unique bond that we share when we come to this space to seek the truth. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a companion with me on this amazing journey.

Two years ago, y'all showed me the uncontainable power of prayer. Your words of encouragement brought peace to our family as we faced the biggest trial of our lives when Adeline and Maralee were born three months early. Our NICU experience gave us the gift of community and truly revealed God's tremendous love for each of us.

Today, we would like to reveal a video testimony that our family has made to document our NICU experience.

Our prayer is that it will be a reminder so we never forget how we held on to God in this moment and for it also to be a testament of how we can all put our hope in him. This is a gift that we abundantly share with all of you. We praise Jesus for ALL that he does in ALL of our lives.

So, here it is:


We would be honored if you chose to share this video with others. To make life easy, here is the direct link to the video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/N-iIofRz0dw

You can also link up this post to your social media or e-mail accounts.

We want this video to give strength to those that are weak and hope to those that are weary. We love you truth-seekers. Thank you again for allowing us to share life together.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

A special thank you to Jack and Maggie Jimmerson, JW Godwin, and Troy King for helping us make this video become a reality!


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